11 Tips to Become an Expert in Outreach Guest Posting

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11 Tips to Become an Expert in Outreach Guest Posting

Writing guest posts is a great tool to increase traffic to your website or blog, but only if you do it right. This means avoiding the mistakes most guest bloggers make. Many people start writing guest posts just because other bloggers have told them it is a good idea, but they do not understand why it is so good.

They do not have clear goals. Or worse, their goals are not right. Those who study how to use guest posting effectively, achieve great results. Increased attendance and engagement lead to more subscribers, following more sales. The number of their blogs’ visitors and subscribers is increasing dramatically, and in most cases, the influx remains even months after the posting.

Thanks to cooperation with leading websites, you can increase your expert status. Authority and trust will lead to requests for interviews, invitations to write a guest post, and increased sales of your services (such as assignment writing service, design service, or photography service) or products. Also, the relationships you build with blog owners will provide you with even more opportunities, including promoting your blog content.

Let’s take a look at the main secrets of guest posting before you pick out a guest post service that works for you.

Top Things to Know Before Starting Using Guest Posting

1. Every piece of material that you are going to publish on someone else’s blog must be well written, original and interesting. Readers care about useful, informative articles. Do not give them much fluff; try to be concise and short.

If you don’t have much experience, but want to start with something, consider outsourcing. If you feel too much pressure from having to post a guest article, you can always order it on a website like Essaypro. Set a clear task for the writer and edit the final product to make it more personal and stress no more.

2. The subjects of the posts should be similar to those of the resource. Articles of third-party subjects may be poorly understood by users, so the result will not be valid. Make sure to study the website before reaching them. Think twice before posting on an ecology-related website if you promote cryptocurrency.

3. Guest posts should be written in the established (formal or not) style of the resource. Standards of headings, paragraph sizes, and themes of images, as well as the way the material is presented, should not differ from the usual users.

4. All content must be unique. Most likely, the moderators will not allow you to post content that is already on your site. It is worth refraining from posting previously published materials as a guest.

5. Do not forget about the keywords – SEO-oriented guest posts are a must. Blog owners are highly unlikely even to review your post if it’s not beneficial to their ranking.

6. The recommended number of references in the guest article is from one to three. If you want to leave only one link, put it in the introduction. Otherwise, readers may simply not read down to the target link.

7. The owner of a blog usually writes a short review – an introduction, where the author presents themself. They recommend you to users, build confidence in the material, increase loyalty. If the owner of the resource does not want to mention you in the introduction, do it yourself. Introduce yourself, write a few words about you and the project, and then move on.

8. Before you send the materials, be sure to systematize and check them. Prepare illustrations by combining them into an archive. Save the text inaccessible and common formats – doc, docx.

9. The content creator should be prepared that the site owner will make changes to the text or post design. Do not be afraid of edits – they will help the article fit in.

10. After posting, the author needs to monitor the appearance of comments to the article. You will need to timely respond to emerging questions from readers. The owner of the blog is unlikely to do it. They only provide you with a platform for publication.

11. Specify in advance whether it is possible to offer users to subscribe to the RSS of your site at the end of the text. Please note that only a few owners take this step. However, if you get them to agree, the reception will be a great marketing move!

A Few Outreach Secrets

  • Secret #1. There is no universal secret.

There is no magic formula that would bring you a flow of quality traffic and huge conversion. Informative text in a blog does not always give the desired result. Try to assess the characteristics of the audience, the specifics of the author, as well as constantly analyze errors and improve your text.

  • Secret #2. One-time publication will not bring the desired effect.

If you choose guest blogging as a method of resource promotion, get ready to constantly look for new sites and topics for publications. One-time posting and small approval from users is not an indicator of the ineffectiveness of the method. You may have just gotten into the wrong place.

  • Secret #3. Your work does not end with the publication.

Writing a good article in only half the job. The second half – find a place to post. That’s it, isn’t it? Not quite. You need to promote your position no less. Show initiative, actively comment, share the material on social media, use a mailing list. Make every effort to involve the audience as much as possible.

  • Secret #4. Guest posts are not a panacea.

Using this method, do not forget about other promotion channels. Context and media advertising, search engine optimization (e.g. by SEOlutions), email marketing, and SMM are not out of the picture.

Final Words

The key points of organizing outreach guest posting are a competent website selection, precise definition of campaign objectives, writing templates, and ability to negotiate with bloggers and journalists. Properly organized outreach will allow you to get organic links in articles on trust sites. This is an essential part of the successful implementation of SEO strategy.

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