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Bloggers and Volunteering; Fake or Real

Bloggers have been in the habit of engaging themselves in volunteering recently. It is a new trend popular among them. They claim to assist orphans, homeless and helpless individuals. Although, it is a good cause because they channel their energy and skill to the good cause. However, not all of them do it with good intentions. Some lifestyle bloggers are fond of staging assistance and aids for less privileged Individuals. If truly they are authentic, they can simply reach out to Organizations that cater to individuals’ needs and render the needed assistance.

Also, volunteering is a different experience itself. You can read essay examples online to know how to do it properly. It isn’t the work of a single individual, but an organization to support the less privileged. So, there is every tendency that their actions aren’t legit. Individuals that feel they are interested can read essay on volunteering, as it’ll help them do it rightly. The everyday blogger’s life is to gain money, views, or likes on their page. A simple act from them may be to attract people’s attention to their blog.

Therefore, it’s essential to determine whether their activities are fake or real. A well-organized assistance would have been better. The reason why it’s considered more than being unreal is that they must make recordings. Can’t they render assistance without recording the people they help?

How To Know if a Blogger Volunteering Program is Real

There are so many benefits of volunteering. To less privileged Individuals, it is a means of aid for them to scale through challenges. However, there are many individuals with different motives willing to help. These include how to discover if a supposed helper is real:

  • They assist randomly: There have been different volunteers in recent times. Some might go to colleges or Universities in a bid to support students. You can discover a real one if he doesn’t choose a particular person he intends to assist. A real volunteer will ask the school management or authority to point to a needy student. That way, he can render his help. If he does otherwise, he isn’t real.
  • They assist With no Ulterior motive: A real helper wouldn’t have another motive except to abetment. They’ll make sure they assist not to receive your thanks or prayers. Although, if they get a blessing in the form of prayer, they appreciate it.
  • They ask questions from people to discover who genuinely needs a hand: Some individuals are well-to-do enough, and they don’t need help. Some others are striving, and they need help to live better. The blogger can ask about people who genuinely need help. That’s the best they can render to people who are in need.

How to Know if a Blogger Volunteering Program is Fake

  • They Have an Initial Relationship with the people they assist: If you want to spot a fake helper, the people who render help are usually their close relatives or individuals they have close contact with. A true blogger that intends to support will assist someone they know nothing about. We can believe that as truly real.
  • They only assist to receive Prayers of Thanks from you: An unreal helper will be much more interested in the prayers and regards you want to pass to him. They have an ulterior motive for every help they render. When they help, some bloggers will always want to record the part where people pray fervently.
  • They Only Help a Specific Set of People: To discover an unreal helper, they only assist a particular audience segment. For instance, they may decide to go to schools to assist students in their education. Although, while going, they see children who are not in school. It’ll be ideal if they assist the young students who are just walking about the street to get to school. That shows they aren’t for everyone, but some specific set of individuals.


As you’ve read above, you know some volunteer bloggers are real. Although, there are some black sheep who render their help for fame and views. Some filmed assistance is real; they aren’t planned. You already know how to discover real ones among them who assist for the sole aim of helping. Also, the most real among them are known to visit organizations with needy individuals. A filmed help of a random orphan sometimes might just be filmed for the sake of it and fake.

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