Discover What Blogs Are for, Your Digital Tool for Effective Communication

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Discover What Blogs Are for, Your Digital Tool for Effective Communication

If you’re looking to position your website, you’ve probably wondered what blogs are for. Many people and even companies consider the possibility of creating a blog for their business. However, we rarely ask ourselves what it is for, and some choose to have a blog just because everyone else has one.

The reality is that a blog has specific functions that if you do not know or if you do not know how to implement, you will have a website that only takes time and does not generate any results.

If you have a blog or are thinking about having one, this post is perfect for you because, as you read, you will discover what a blog is for, what its functions are, and how to get the most out of it within your communication strategy.

The first thing you should know about blogs is that their functions have evolved since their origins. The first thing to understand about blogs is that their functions have evolved since their inception. According to the HubSpot website, in the beginning, a blog was a personal web page or a kind of diary in which one published facts or ideas on various themes. This was presented in chronological order, with the most recent entries appearing first.

Nowadays, however, a blog and its characteristics serve different functions depending on the sector. But, in general, there are five main functions of a blog that we will see below.

1. It is an SEO Positioning Strategy

One of the primary uses and advantages is that a well-crafted blog can generate traffic to your website. The Google search engine, which is still essential today, assigns a degree of relevance to each website depending on various criteria considered in SEO optimization.

If you are starting a blog, it is ideal that you know the basics of SEO from today so you can work on the positioning of your website. On the other hand, if you have had your Blogspot for years and it is not generating visits, you should perform an SEO analysis of your blog and website.

Remember that it is not about writing to meet deadlines or, even worse, writing without knowing what topics to address in your blog. Still, it would help if you used the blog as a gear within the communication mechanism of your company.

2. Help Your Buyer Personas in the Buyer’s Journey

If a blog serves for your SEO strategy, your blog also serves to help your buyer persona make the journey in your sales funnel.

As you can see, the functions of a blog go hand in hand and are interlinked. Suppose we see that a blog can serve to generate traffic to your website in the first place. In that case, you should also take advantage of your blog to direct prospects to the actions you want them to take: to leave their data, download a resource, contact you for advice or purchase your products or services.

It would be best to build a blog strategy that leads the user to a landing page to do this. This landing page depends on the type of blog you want to create and the buyer’s journey you have made.

3. Promote and Advertise Your Products and Services

This is one of the must-have functions of a blog. A blog will help you promote your products intelligently, not with ads or technical datasheets but with posts containing relevant information. You show the reader the advantages and benefits of your product or service at a general level.

Depending on the sales funnel stage, you should give a different approach to each blog post. Remember that the information you should offer in the attraction stage will not be the same for your customers who have reached the decision stage.

The important thing is to promote and advertise your products intelligently and appeal to your persona, maintaining the same level of communication but with specific information for each case.

4. Give Your Company Its Voice

Blogging serves as a communication channel between your company and your readers. You can build your brand, make your values visible, and share your company’s purpose with the world through the blog.

Having your company’s voice through a blog offers 2 main advantages:

  • Educate your audience.
  • Become an authority in your industry.

The first advantage, educating your audience, is also one of the biggest challenges you will experience as a business. It is essential to know that promoting your product is not the same as educating about it. Educating is about showing the importance of your product in the tasks your potential customers perform. For a task like this, it is essential to have a properly written text. In case your own skills are not enough to write good texts it is better to use the essay writer free online or offline consultation, then you can clarify all the nuances you are interested in.

The second advantage, becoming an authority, is essential even for your company’s SEO strategy and blogging. When people notice that you speak from knowledge and experience, they identify you as the professional who can help them solve their problem, so they recommend you and turn to you before anyone else for information.

By taking advantage of the blog to work your company’s voice, you manage to generate more trust and credibility for your brand, so you should never neglect it.

5. Interact with Your Prospects and Create a Community

A blog is ideal for getting information from your buyer persona and thus improving your profile. For this reason, a blog also serves to get your prospects to interact with your content: sharing or commenting.

In this sense, a blog helps improve the customer service area before they need to contact you to solve their doubts. If you offer this relevant information beforehand, be sure that your readers will thank you.

According to the Entrepreneur website, direct feedback comes from comments and messages submitted by your audience. In contrast, indirect feedback is measured by their interactions with the content you publish, the adverts and advertisements inside the blog, and how they share their experience with others.

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