Do I Need a Website Backup Service?

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Do I Need a Website Backup Service?

A website is the most critical asset that you can have. Remember, this is where you will demonstrate the width and breadth of your business to potential visitors.

The data and everything in it needs proper protection and one way of protecting your website is by finding a solid backup service. Website backup is like an insurance plan that helps to prevent possible disasters. You don’t want to lose what you’ve invested in your site, right? Below are the reasons to seriously consider employing backup monitoring software systems.

1. Prevent possible human errors

As humans, we make mistakes and some of them can be very costly. A wrong click of a button can end up deleting critical files and data on your website.

This can end up breaking your website. Although hosting companies may help, they may not always guarantee full restoration. In case such errors happen, a website backup service can help whether it’s you or someone else that made the mistake.

2. Quick recovery in case of disaster

Malicious website attacks happen and can leave you in woes. Such attacks can corrupt your files and lead to data loss.

A solid recovery plan will help you restore your website. It will also aid you to resume your business fast.

3. Reduce downtime

Statistics show that about 60% of small business websites get hacked either by malware or other suspicious attackers.

If your website is hacked, you lose data and this can take you a lot of time to bring your website back. Prolonged downtime can impact on the performance of your business and customers can lose trust in you.

Performing regular website backups will help reduce such headaches.

4. Eliminate update-related problems

Sometimes updates can be messy. Although they are very essential in keeping your website functional, they may not work as expected. It doesn’t matter whether it is a plugin that you want to update or some big change.

If a problem occurs, your entire website will be at risk. If you have a good backup service, you can eliminate crashes that may come during updates. This means you can make any updates without worrying about crashes and in case of anything, all you have to do it hit a button and have your website restored.

Even if it may take some time to have your backup ready, it will save you a lot.

5. Freedom to migrate from one web host service to another

Things may change and you might be forced to switch your web host service. The process involves migrating all the files of your website from one server to the other.

If you already have a backup in place, then expect a smooth migration. This is because it becomes easy to copy files which make things very convenient.

6. Safeguard your income stream

You need a website to market, interact, and sell products. One of the biggest worries that you don’t want to imagine is to experience frequent downtimes.

The losses that you can incur from such a website can be hard to account for assuming that it happens at the time when customers are trying to make payments. This might make you lose lots of money.

Troubleshooting such issues manually from scratch may not resolve and can consume most of your time. If you have a backup service, then your website will be back in no time. A backup service, therefore, helps to prevent potential earning losses.

Top Backup Services

There are several backup programs to consider when giving your website the needed security against the unexpected. Among the popular ones include iThemes Security Pro and BlogVault.

iThemes BackupBuddy

This plugin was designed by WordPress experts to help protect websites against malware attacks, hackers and other potential hazards which would require you to revert to backups. Since WordPress is currently used by more than 25% of all the websites, attackers target them and are vital to have a secure backup service that is best suited for WordPress like BackupBuddy.


This is a reliable plugin that detects changes and backs up websites automatically. It can restore websites with no errors whatsoever. The backup service is trusted by major companies including Yoast, Valet, Intel, and SAP. With the plugin, it is easy to make migrations.

There are plenty of good articles on this service, this here is a good long-form review which explains both the benefits of using it and is also a guide: BlogVault Review + Ultimate Guide – is it good value? (2019) from CollectiveRay.


Web hosting is the main element of a website. It is where you store your files, articles, images, and other types of content of your website. To have an accessible, reliable website, you need a web hosting provider that has a solid performance. You can read our review of the best web hosting service to get the right web hosting for your website. Some hosting providers offer a default backup feature, some don’t. You can use a third-party backup service to backup your website if your hosting provider offers no default backup feature or you simply need more advanced backup features. Website backup helps to reduce instances of malware attacks, potential losses, downtime, and update-related issues. Choose a solid backup service today for your website.

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