8 Ghost Themes That Have a Dark Mode Feature

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8 Ghost Themes That Have a Dark Mode Feature

Do you want to add a dark mode feature to your Ghost blog? If yes, the easiest way to do so is by switching to a theme that offers a dark mode feature. We have curated Ghost themes that have a dark mode feature. No need to conduct the theme research yourself.

Dark mode itself is often associated with battery saving. This feature is quite useful in today’s age whereby many people access the internet via a smartphone. By offering a dark mode feature on your blog, you can help your visitors to save their smartphone battery, while also offering a better reading experience for those loving dark mode.

If you have no Ghost blog yet and plan to create one, you can read our previous article to learn how to create a blog with Ghost.

Here is the list of the Ghost themes that have a dark mode feature.

1. Inros

The first Ghost theme you can consider if you want to add a dark mode feature to your blog is Inros. Your visitors can switch between the dark mode and light mode by simply clicking the moon icon on the header, next to the search icon. Inros is a modern theme that comes with a clean design. You can use it whether to create a personal blog or a publication website for your business.

Inros supports all the native features of Ghost such as estimated reading time, social accounts link, blog logo, blog icon, and so on. Of course, there are also some additional features offered by the theme. Some of the most visible features are the search feature, sticky header, and drop-down navigation. Inros also comes with native image lazy loading to help your blog load faster.

2. Arun

Arun is a perfect Ghost theme for personal blogs. It has a simple, yet modern design. On the homepage, your blog posts are displayed in a classic, single column style. Arun offers a static section on the top section (the hero section) on the homepage aimed at placing a short intro about yourself (or your blog). This section supports text, image, and social media icons. There is also an email subscription form to make it easier for your loyal readers to subscribe to your newsletter.

Arun itself is developed by the same developer as Inros above. No wonder if the overall features offered by this theme are not much different from its brother. First, it offers a moon icon on the header to allow you visitors to switch from the light mode to the dark mode — and vice versa. Second, there is also a setting option to enable sticky header. Third, Arun also supports a drop-down menu to allow you to have an uncluttered navigation menu if you want to add many menu items. Furthermore, Arun also has a native image loading for a faster blog performance.

3. Hue

Do you want to create a podcasting blog with Ghost? If yes, then Hue is a perfect theme to choose. As you know, Ghost is a CMS designed specifically to create professional, business-oriented blogs. It comes with a built-in membership feature and support integration with Stripe for the membership payment. When writing a new blog post or page in Ghost, you can add an audio file. You can make use of this feature to offer paid podcast episodes on your blog. Hue is one of the best Ghost themes to create a podcasting blog.

Just like the first two themes above, Hue also comes with a dark mode feature which is represented by an icon on its header (next to the search icon). Clicking the icon will enable the dark mode on your blog.

4. Auden

Are you looking for a Ghost theme that has a sidebar on its blog post layout? If yes, Auden is one of the themes you can consider. The sidebar contains elements like featured posts, recent posts, to an add banner. If you want to disable the sidebar, Auden also offers an option to do so. Furthermore, Auden also offers a blog post layout that contains a table of contents, which is pretty useful if you often write long-form blog posts.

Auden is one of the themes that has a sticky header feature. There is a moon icon on the left side of the header whereby when being clicked will turn your blog into a dark mode.

5. Korima

Most Ghost themes have a section on its homepage to display the featured blog posts. Korima is one of which. In Korima, your featured blog posts are displayed on the hero section in a slider style. Below this section are the recent blog posts which are displayed in a three-column grid style.

In Korima, you can find the icon to enable the dark mode on the right side of the header, next to the search icon. Other features offered by Karima include a load more button to load more blog posts and Disqus integration to add a commenting feature to your blog.

6. Melaka

Do you have a multi-author Ghost blog and want to switch to another theme for the sake of dark mode? If yes, then Melaka is a perfect theme. You will find an icon on the right side on the Melaka theme header. When the icon is clicked, your blog will turn into a dark mode. Some elements affected during the dark mode are background, header, footer, a button on the header, and title of the featured blog post on the homepage. Melaka has a section on the lower side of the homepage that displays the list of the authors on your blog.

7. Valkyrie

Not only does Valkyrie allow your visitors to switch between the dark mode and the light mode, but it also allows them to select an accent color from the front-end. There are four accent colors offered by the theme. Valkyrie itself is a multipurpose Ghost theme. You can use whether to create a personal blog or an online publication for your business, with multiple authors.

8. Saima

The design concept of Saima is pretty similar to Arun whereby it offers a static section on the homepage which you can use to place an introduction section. This section supports text and image elements. The difference is that Saima doesn’t display the blog post thumbnails. Instead, it only displays the blog post title, excerpt, and post meta.

The moon icon on the header allows your visitors to enable the dark mode and switch back to the light mode. The header of Saima has a unique behavior than other themes above. It disappears upon scroll down and shows up again upon scroll up.

The Bottom Line

Offering a dark mode feature to your blog is a great idea as it gives your visitors an option to read the blog posts in a mode they feel comfortable more. If you have a Ghost-based blog, you can start with selecting a theme that offers a dark mode feature — unless you have coding skills to add the dark mode feature yourself. All themes we mentioned above offer a feature to add a dark mode feature to your blog.

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