How to Disable Unsplash Integration in Ghost and Why

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How to Disable Unsplash Integration in Ghost and Why

Unsplash is the most popular website to download free images. You can get high-quality images from Unsplash and use them on your projects without spending a dime. Not just end-users, Unsplash is also popular in the developer community whereby there are many digital products have native integration with it. Ghost is one which.

If you have a blog built with Ghost CMS, you can add a feature image from Unsplash without needing to download it first. There is also a card to allow you to insert an image directly from Unsplash. In addition to Ghost, Unsplash also supports integration with popular blogging tools such as Medium and WordPress.

The question is, do you really need the Unsplash integration?

Image is an essential part of a blog post. You can use an image to strengthen the message you want to convey via your blog post. An image also makes your blog post looks more appealing.

In general, images on Unsplash are available in two formats: portrait and landscape. When you insert an image, the image will be inserted according to its original format. There is no option to crop the image to select a specific area. This can be an issue when you find a portrait image that fits your blog post topic and want to use it as a feature image (using a portrait image as a feature image is a bad idea). In a case like this one, you better download the image first and crop it to select a specific area so that your photo will have a proper aspect ratio to be used as a feature image.

Another issue with Unplash integration is that the image you inserted to a blog post is hot linked to Unsplash. In other words, the image is not on your website technically.

How to Disable Unsplash Integration in Ghost

Unsplash is available on Ghost as a native integration. Unless you have access to the Ghost files (which is not available if you use service), there is no option to delete the integration. All you can do is to disable the integration to remove Unsplash from the Ghost editor.

To disable the Unsplash integration in Ghost, first, login to your Ghost dashboard and click the gear icon on the left panel to open the Settings screen. On the Settings screen, click the Integrations menu.

On the Integrations screen, select Unsplash. Untick the Enable Unsplash option on the next screen. Click the Save button on the top-right corner to apply the change.

If you change your mind, you can simply return to this screen to re-enable the Unsplash integration.

Unplash Alternatives to Download Free Photos

While Unsplash is a great resource to fulfill your imagery needs, there are many other websites like Unsplash where you can download images for free. Here are some best alternatives to Unsplash.

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