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How Blog Translation Can Increase Your Traffic

With so many blogs available online, having a blog of your own means constantly competing for visitors and traffic. More often than not, bloggers are on the lookout for new ways to draw in more readers and expand their brand. They might do this through SEO or writing new content on topical areas. However, one highly effective technique (that’s not discussed as much in this context), is blog translation. Translating your content is one way to bring tonnes of new people to your blog, read on to find out how translation actually increases blog traffic -and why you should give it a go.

Less bounce

When someone “bounces” from your website, it means they click onto your page, only to click off again pretty quickly. This can happen for a number of reasons, usually, it’s because the visitor doesn’t see what they’re looking for. After all, we’re all fairly impatient in the internet age – if we don’t immediately see what we want, we’ll look somewhere else. There’s no discernable way of knowing the motivations behind every bounce, but not being able to understand the page you click on is a pretty big reason (as reasons go). Who amongst us hasn’t bounced from a blog or website because we’ve seen language we don’t understand used? That’s why translation can increase your blog traffic by reducing your page’s bounce rate. Take a look at your blog analytics, find out what countries have the highest bounce rate for your site, and consider translating your blog into languages that are spoken in those countries and regions.

New visitors

Needless to say, attracting new visitors to your site is a must for most bloggers. While SEO can be a temperamental practice and there’s only so much topic experimentation you can try without sacrificing current readers who like your original style, translation is one easy and foolproof way to increase site traffic. That’s because your content – which was before inaccessible to speakers of other languages – can now be read in new parts of the world. If you’re serious about translating your writing, you should try you can find to make sure your translated blog is accurate and true to your style. The possibility of drawing in new fans from new regions is very appealing to most bloggers, and if you use sponsorship and affiliate links to make money from your blogs, then making your content available in different countries opens up more potential for new sponsorship deals.

Returning readers

Loyal readers have always been important to bloggers. They subscribe to your page, your mailing list, follow you on social media – and (most importantly) they return to your blog, again and again, to keep up with your latest content. It is returning readers who often keep your visitor statistics consistent month-on-month by regularly returning and keeping your numbers up. When you translate your blog you open up the possibility to increase your returning readers from other countries all around the world, too. This will greatly increase your average monthly site traffic. This is one key way that translating your blog has such a huge impact on your traffic – not only do you have more potential visitors, but you can also exponentially increase the number of visitors who come back every week and month.

Globally minded

If you have big ambitions as a blogger or a writer, you need to think big, too. Producing your blog posts in different languages helps to establish your image and brand as one which is serious about connecting with lots of people, not just those who speak your language. Not to mention, branching into different languages can actually lessen competition. So much of the blogging world is taken up solely by English-speakers, building your profile in other terrains may just be quicker and easier than getting established in the English speaking community. Taking the time to share your stories and ideas in different languages, too, just proves a dedication to really making it big in the long run.


Translating your blog is a great way to increase your site traffic. Not only does it give you a chance to connect with new readers from all around the globe, but it’ll also allow you to pursue more monetizing opportunities as your web traffic grows. With everything to gain, and little to lose, why not give blog translation a go? There’s plenty of services to pick from online, and lots of benefits to reap.


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