How Much Do Bloggers Make? A Lot More Than You Think!

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How Much Do Bloggers Make? A Lot More Than You Think!

The blogosphere is different for everyone. Some join the space to share and build followers, and a few are looking only to make a ton of money.

A ton of money? That is not possible! Well, with blogging, many things can be possible.

Blogging seems like any other day, but in reality, it is the gold hiding in the depths of a cave or underground.

Hate to burst the bubble, but blogging can be challenging for many, and at the initial stages, many give up because of 3 reasons– impatience, incapability, and inconsistency.

And many bloggers have successfully built their blogging empire by being hand-to-hand with all three. Plus, making a lot of money just by blogging. A lot more than you think.

What is Blogging, and How are They Doing It?

Blogging is a content marketing strategy that allows anyone on the internet to make money. Bloggers have been doing it for a very long time. Hate to burst the trust, but blogging can only be successful if you are patient, capable, and consistent. These bloggers have been blogging for a very long time, which is why they make a lot of money.

Blogging is a form of content where you post relevant topics according to your niche and help people get more information about it. Blogging has become famous, which means everyone is using it.

Want to learn how to start your online blogging business? Check out Forrest Webber, who runs – a blog focused on guiding entrepreneurs on building a successful online blogging business, makes about $40k per month, and his portfolio is worth about a little short of 2 million dollars.

To start a business means to start with blogging, and to become a personal brand, you need to blog too. Basically, for everything, you need blogging. It is a form of content marketing that helps people to get a good understanding of your business and what you do, plus your offerings.

Here are some common ways you can earn from blogging, like other bloggers:

  • Affiliate Marketing or Promoting

Affiliate marketing is a term you may be familiar with.

Or maybe you know what affiliate marketing is; however, you are lost even to start where and how to.

In simple words, affiliate marketing is a way to make money by selling other brand products or services to earn a commission on those products/services. The basic form of doing this sort of content marketing is to start with a blog.

You can get signed up with the amazon affiliate program to get started, where you can refer products from brands to people through blogging and when people buy them, you earn some amount of money.

This is how affiliate marketing works; bloggers often make money from this kind of marketing or promotion. It has become very common these days.

  • Google AdSense

This is free and a way to make money only by displaying ads. Google AdSense is a way of earning money by only placing your ads on other people’s websites. It is a form of advertisement that you can show on your own website or any other site with the help of Google AdSense.

The main advantage of using this service is that it allows you to make money from your website without having to do anything else except for placing ads on it. The user does not have to have any knowledge about how this works but just copy and paste the code provided by Google.

The revenue generated from these ad formats depends on the content type, which platform they appear on, and the number of impressions they receive.

  • Offering Online Services

This is also a way bloggers make money online by offering their online services. If you are a content writer, you can provide your online paid services as a content writer to create content for businesses.

Many bloggers also provide 1:1 consulting services where they charge for an hour or so for consultations. You can build your authority in your niche by offering your services and helping the audience see you as an authoritative person.

Bloggers also create a separate section where they offer their services as “Hire me” or “work with me,” so a visitor can get in touch with the blogger.

  • Guest Posting

Bloggers also look for niches that will pay for guest blogging. Guest blogging is not only to backlink but also to sell customized content only if you sell any.

Many do not take proper advantage of guest blogging which can help in making more money. Big brands are always on the lookout for paying bloggers for quality content.

  • Selling Info Products

This includes ebooks or course content. Bloggers use email marketing as a way of selling their paid content to their potential buyers. An email list helps in building a great audience who will love your info services/products.

Bloggers are getting used to this and making a good amount of money from this. And you can do it if you have just begun to blog and want to become a blogger!


It is true that you can make a lot of money by blogging. However, it is not as easy as it looks. You require patience, capability, and consistency to grow. No one can grow overnight, implying that you need to continue. No one said too that it is impossible. This is how bloggers make and how you can do it too.

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