7 Free Image Hosting Sites to Save Your Blog Storage

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7 Free Image Hosting Sites to Save Your Blog Storage

If you want to be serious with your blogging project then you have to calculate every detail of your blog. Including the way you will put your images. If your blog hosting has a very spacious disk storage, there is no problem with this. The different story goes to a blog hosting with limited disk storage. If you frequently add multiple images in a post, chances are you won’t be able to post as many articles as you want.

Thankfully, most blogging platforms — including WordPress and Blogger — allow us to insert images to a blog post from URL. At this point, you have got a half answer of your problem. Your next task is finding image hosting to host your images.

Actually, there are tens of image hosting sites out there to allow you put your images. However, they mostly require you to login which is it’s very hassle. Plus, not all them provide a direct link to your image (http://something.com/yourimage.jpg).

I have listed 6 best free image hosting sites that let you upload images without having to login. They also provide a direct link to each image you have uploaded.

1. Publitio

Publitio has become a daily routine for hundreds of thousands of satisfied users. First of all, it allows you to move all your website’s media files to its cloud infrastructure. From there, you can easily manipulate and optimize your video and image files. You can perform resizing, cropping, and format conversions in just a few clicks, thanks to the URL-based transformations. Publitio also keeps your media assets safe by allowing you to watermark them. With Publitio, you are in full control of all your digital assets. You can see when, where, and how they are used or shared with others.

Besides, Publitio brings you different video players to put on your website and the possibility to monetize your media assets by adding Ads Tags. Additionally, the program can be set up in just a few easy steps, and it can be implemented across various websites. Above all, Publitio comes with different pricing plans. It even includes a free option. Of course, it comes with certain limited features, but it’s enough to make you understand what Publitio is all about. Once you become aware of all of its advantages, you can immediately upgrade to a larger plan.

2. Imgur

Imgur is my favorite. This site has a modern interface and most importantly, enable us to instantly upload images without having to register, although you may will get more advantages from being the site member. Uploading images to this site is extremely easy. You can press the upload button or simply drag your images. There is no clear explanation of the maximum file size you can upload to this site. But, when I tried to upload a 6.5MB photo Imgur can handle it.

3. TinyPic

TinyPic is also a great free image hosting site that allow you to upload images with no login required. This service also allows you to upload a large sized image and have a direct link of it. The only bad about this site is that you have to type a long enough random code to ensure that you are human instead of bot. This is a bit hussle but if you have no problem with it then TinyPic can be your savior of your limited storage problem.

4. Postimage

Many people have been relying on Postimage to host their images for their blogs, online forums and other online mediums. Postimage promises to give you permanent links over the images you have uploaded so there is nothing you need to worry about. Nevertheless, — if you want it — you can set the expiration date of your URL.

Many people love using Postimage because it has no hassle to upload images. You neither need to login nor typing any security code. This site also allows you to upload a large sized image. You can also directly resize the image while uploading.

5. FunkyIMG

FunkyIMG comes with a clean interface. You can instantly upload an image by dragging it to the available box. There are seven image formats that are supported by this site including jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp, tif and tiff. The maximum of allowed file size is 4MB. This site also enable you to directly resize the image while uploading. Additionally, you can also add a watermark on your images.

6. UploadSheep

Shaun the Sheep fan? If so, you will love this site deeply. Just like other sites on the list, UploadSheep also lets you to instantly upload images and get a direct link over them. You can get the direct link by going to the Embed Codes menu that is located at the bottom left corner of each image (see the pic above). In UploadSheep you can upload a large file with the maximum size of 15MB.

7. UltraIMG

UltraIMG is another cool site that enable you to instantly upload images without having to login first. This site comes with a dominant black interface but it’s clear and pretty. The maximum size you can upload to this site is 10MB while the allowed image formats are JPG, PNG, BMP and GIF. There is a drop down menu right below the uploaded image to let you get the direct link of each image.

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