How to Insert Unsplash Photos to a Medium Post

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How to Insert Unsplash Photos to a Medium Post

Unsplash and Medium are teaming up. This is definitely huge news for those who use both services. The announcement was rolled out a few days ago via an email to Unsplash users, which was also posted on a Medium post by Unsplash CEO, Mikael Cho. The cooperation allows you to insert Unplash photos on a Medium post.

In case you didn’t know. Unsplash is a website where you can discover and download photos. Much like iStock and Shutterstock, but you don’t have to spend a dime to use all of the photos available on Unsplash.

At the time of writing, Unsplash already hosts over 400,0000 free photos contributed by talented photographers around the globe. With those abundant collections, you have a huge chances to select photos best represent the topic you are writing on Medium without needing to leave the Medium editor. Simply type the keyword of the photo you want to add and hit enter.

Each photo you add contains a caption telling you about who is the photographer behind it, as well as a link back to Unsplash. If you want (although not recommended), you can also remove the caption. Unsplash doesn’t prohibit you if you object to credit the photographer. But again, crediting the photographers would be a better idea since it means that you give your support to them to shoot more.

Adding Unsplash photos to a Medium post

To get started adding Unsplash photos to a medium post, simply create a new story just like usual.

Give your story a title and start to write what you want to tell. To add an Unsplash photo, click the “+” icon and select the magnifying glass icon. You can then type the keyword of the photo you want to add and hit the enter button and voila!. A bunch of image collections appear in front of you. Simply click on a certain photo to add one.

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