7 Ways Integrating Twitter with WordPress

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7 Ways Integrating Twitter with WordPress

Twitter plays a vital role in driving website visitors. Most WordPress users also use this social media as one of tools to gain more visitors. With a bit of creativity, you can integrate the two to get the most out of them.

People may will start thinking of adding a tweet button when discussing about integration between Twitter and WordPress. It’s just one of the examples actually. There are many other ways to integrate Twitter and WordPress.

Apart from official tools provided by Twitter, there are third party tools which you can use to gain more visitors and increasing engagement of your contents. Here are 7 ways that you can try to integrate Twitter and WordPress.

1. Auto-tweet new blog posts

There are many ways to tweet your new posts on Twitter. If you want to automatically make a twitter update after publishing a new article you can consider using a WP to Twitter plugin. The plugin makes everything easier and ensure you never miss updating your Twitter to let your visitors know over the new article.

2. Embed tweets in a blog post

Today, nearly all social media platforms let you to display any interesting or informative updates on a blog post easily. Twitter is no exception. In Twitter, you can embed any tweets to strengthen your thoughts. For instance, you may want to quote a statement from someone you are talking about. Here’s an example of embed tweet.

How to embed a tweet in a WordPress blog post?

  • Visit the Twitter account you want to embed the tweet and decide which tweet you want to embed.
  • Click the small arrow button and select Embed Tweet and copy the code.

  • Paste the code to WordPress editor in the Text mode.

3. Add Twitter cards

What is Twitter cards? Basically, Twitter Cards is an expanded tweet view. In Twitter Cards you can see regular text, featured image, the title of article and a brief description of the article. Previously, when you tweet a link on Twitter, you will see nothings but a link. So, Twitter introduced Twitter Cards to make a link more live in your timeline.

There are a number of plugins in WordPress which allow you to add Twitter Cards. One of the best ones is Yoast SEO. Once installed the plugin you will have a new SEO menu in your WordPress dashboard. Hover on it an selec Social. Select the Twitter tab and be sure you’ve turned on the Enabled option on the Add Twitter card meta data section.

4. Add Twitter feed widget

There are many ways of how to promote your personal or business Twitter account. Twitter also lets you to display your Twitter timeline to your website via a widget. The feature is helpful to tell everyone that the website they are visiting is associated with you.

  • Go to Twitter Settings page and select Widgets.

  • Click the Create new button and select profile.

  • Enter your profile URL and click the arrow button.

  • Select embedded timeline and make some customization. Once you done, copy the code and paste anywhere within your WordPress site.

5. Add a tweet button

Nearly all website owners installing a social media share button to ease their visitor spread your contents. And they never miss Twitter anyway. You can install a tweet button, whether it’s just a single tweet button or combined with other social media buttons.

While you can add a tweet button alone, it’s more recommended to have more social media buttons in your website. You don’t have to add the button manually as it is a bit tricky. There are some social media share plugin that will ease your job adding tweet buttons. You may want to read this article for the list.

6. Let anyone knows your account via author box

Be sure that everyone knows who is behind the nice article they are reading. You can introduce your self by adding a Twitter account along with other social medias. Again. There are a number of plugins that you can use to display your social profile in the author box. Guerrilla’s Author Box is one the examples you can try.

7. Use tweet button as content locker

Unless your content is really worth or contains something funny, people seems like rarely share your article even if you’ve provided a share button. Is there any a way to raise a chance your article to get shared? Sure. You may can consider offering your readers a digital products like e-books, exclusive photos, audios or other items which has a relation to your website.

But, before they can download the items you offer, they have to share the page via their social media accounts, including Twitter. This is how a content locker works. It’s such a nice way gain more website visitors.

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