How to See Pageviews of Individual Pages in Google Analytics

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How to See Pageviews of Individual Pages in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is by far the best free tool to see the visitor traffic of a website. With it, you can analyze the number of visitors each day, each week or each month. Google Analytics also allows you to check where your visitors come from, the technology they use to access your website, their ages, and several other parameters. It is also possible if you want to see the pageviews of a certain page on your website with Google Analytics.

Checking the pageviews of individual pages is crucial enough when you are running a campaign (landing page) on your website. By checking the pageviews of your landing page, you can figure out how your campaign is going.

How to see the pageviews of individual pages in Google Analytics

To see the pageviews of a certain page in Google Analytics, first, log in to Google Analytics and select the property (website) you want to analyze. Click Behavior on the left panel and navigate to Site Content -> All Pages.

Switch your eyes to the right panel. Below the chart, you will see a table that displays the pages on your websites as well as the pageviews number.

By default, Google Analytics displays the URLs of the pages. You can set Google Analytics to display the page titles by clicking the Page Title tab beneath the chart. If the page you are looking for is not available on the top list on the table, you can use the search box to find it.

For your information. Recently, Google has just released Site Kit (no longer in beta phase), a WordPress plugin that allows you to analyze your website traffic right from the WordPress dashboard. Not just analyzing the website traffic, you can also measure your site’s Google Search traffic and performance as well as monitoring your Adsense performance. Site Kit consists of 4 top Google products: Search Console, Analytics, PageSpeed Insights, and Adsense.

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