How to Backup Chrome Bookmarks (and Restore Them)

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How to Backup Chrome Bookmarks (and Restore Them)

Bookmark is one of the most important features of web browser. It allows you to save interesting pages you potentially find when browsing the web and open them later. Due to the importance of bookmark, most modern web browsers — including Chrome — allows you to backup the bookmarks you have.

Why do bookmarks need to be backed up?

There are a wide range of reasons to backup bookmarks. The most possible reason is because you want to make a switch to another browser. Or probably, you want to use an online bookmark manager so you can access your bookmarks from anywhere?

Backing up bookmarks in Chrome is extremely easy. To get started, click the Chrome menu (three-dot icon at the top-right corner) and select Bookmarks –> Bookmark manager. Or you can simply press the Ctrl+Shift+O button.

On the Bookmarks page, click the three-line button at the top-right corner and select Export Bookmarks.

Give the bookmarks file a name and click the Save button. Your bookmarks will be saved in a HTML file. You can then import the bookmarks file to another web browser or online bookmark manager if you want it.

Restoring the backed up bookmarks

The steps for restoring the backed up bookmarks is no different to backup the bookmarks themselves. First, you need to go the Chrome Bookmarks page by pressing the Ctrl+Shit+O button. Then, click the three-line button at the top-right corner. This time, instead of selecting Export Bookmakrs, you need to select the Import Bookmarks button.

Then, select the bookmarks file you have exported and click the Open button.


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