2 Easy Ways to Convert A Web Page to PDF

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2 Easy Ways to Convert A Web Page to PDF

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Nearly all web pages we find in the internet are displayed using HTML. It’s a standard markup language to allow anyone read the document via internet browser. HTML is actually a readable document format, as long as we have a browser installed in our device, we can read it. The major problem of HTML that we must have an internet connection to read it properly

That’s will be a real problem when have to travel in some place with no internet connection while in other part we really need to read the document

The solution is to convert the documents we want to read to a PDF format so we can read them anytime and anywhere. Even if we have no internet connection

There are two easy ways to convert a web page to PDF

1. Via built-in browser feature

Google Chrome in an internet browser to have such a useful feature to allow its users converting a web page to a PDF format easily. But, the result of the built-in feature is less good

  • Open a web page you want to convert
  • Press CTRL+P (Cmd+P on Mac) to open the print dialog.
  • You can adjust some parameters in the print dialog window. To start convert, click the Save button


2. Using third party app

The other way to convert a web page to PDF is by using a third party app. Save as PDF is the best app to handle this and with a neater result. It is available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. To start using it, you have to install it first

  • For Google Chrome, visit this page to add the Extension. Click the Add to Chrome button on top right corner. Once installed, you will have a new icon alongside the menu button


  • For Mozilla Firefox, visit this page to add the Add-ons. Once installed, you will have a new icon on the top left corner

firefoxicon 2

  • To start using the third party app in each browser, click to the icon. The process will take some seconds or minutes depend on the size of document. Once finished, the document will be downloaded automatically. Go to your Download directory of your device


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