Simple Way to Install Google Chrome Extensions in Opera

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Simple Way to Install Google Chrome Extensions in Opera

Compared to Google Chrome, Opera tends to less popular. There are complex reasons to describe this but if we have to pick a reason that causes it most, the number of extensions probably makes sense enough. Opera has less extension than other favorite browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox.

One of the reasons why people prefer to use Opera rather than other browsers is because Opera is a lightweight browser and consumes fewer system resources. It’s far different from Google Chrome which uses more system resources — memory in particular. Due to this reason you probably want to switch from Google Chrome to Opera. But, you still have some doubt because there are some Chrome extensions you can’t abandon.

You probably haven’t known this but seriously, you can install Google Chrome extensions on Opera.

Opera and Google Chrome are built using the same engine, Chromium. That’s why Google Chrome and Opera have the similar characteristics (if you notice it).

Back to our topic. To install Chrome extensions in Opera you need a help from an Opera extension called Download Chrome Extension. This extension will replace the ADD TO CHROME button in each extension in Chrome Web Store with ADD TO OPERA button. To install your desired extensions all you need to do is clicking that button. That’s all. The rest is up to you to install any extension from Chrome Web Store.

Download Chrome Extension can handle nearly all Chrome extensions. I have tried some (including Momentum, one of my favorite Chrome extensions) and they all run seamlessly in Opera without any problem.

Install Google Chrome extensions in Opera

Here are the steps to install Chrome extensions in Opera.

  • Visit this page and click the Add to Opera button.

  • Now please visit Chrome Web Store and pick a certain Chrome extension you want to add to Opera. You should see a red ADD TO OPERA button. Just click on it to install the extension.

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