10 Creative Marketing Ideas for Your Next Promo Video

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10 Creative Marketing Ideas for Your Next Promo Video

Promo videos can catapult a brand into a household name. It is the best way of communicating the thought behind a brand. Visuals are easy to remember and can have a deep impact on a viewer. A strong visual can capture the imagination of a consumer and create leverage for a brand. Promo videos help to reach out and make people connect with a brand’s identity.

In the x hours of video that is watched online every day, finding space for your brand and making it memorable, requires an understanding of what will make people tick. It also gives you a bandwidth to capture your viewer’s imagination. Having absolute clarity on what the brand is all about can help in finding creative ideas for a promo video. A few minutes of your viewer’s time is all you have, to leave a lasting impression.

You can use email marketing to share your video content with your audience, however, you’ll need to ensure how to send bulk emails without spamming them though.

These are ten creative marketing ideas for making a high impact, immersive promo video.

Brand Intro Video

Making an introductory video for a brand is your best chance to be remembered by people. You should talk about your brand in a way that puts people first and how your brand resolved their problem. Your video may be short or long, but you need a strong introduction, something that holds a viewer’s attention. Strong visuals with an amicable sound are a necessity. Don’t worry if you do not have a massive budget at your disposal. InVideo is a YouTube intro video maker tool that simplifies the making of a promo video for anybody.

Brand Philosophy Video

Every action begins with a thought. If you read self-help books, they talk about how your thoughts make an impact. Behind every product, there is an intent to either resolve a problem or create something useful for the end-user. You may think it is not important; however, communicating the intent behind a brand will help people to connect with your brand. Make people understand the motivation fuelling your product.

Thank you video

When someone buys something from you or subscribes to service, send them a ‘thank you’ video. You may make a generic video that leads them to your channel. This video can also talk about other services or products in your bag.

Again, you could give a discount coupon or an extension of your services. You could remind them of your customer service link as well. It could be either in the video or on your website or both.

The Inner Circle Video

The moment a person buys your product, they have approved you for your efforts. Create a video that talks about how they own the brand as much as you do. Elaborate on the journey behind the brand. People love to relate to human endeavor.

Make them feel that they are a part of the inner circle that believes in what they have bought. They are now a part of your brand’s family. All you need is your creativity and the best intro maker platform like InVideo.

Milestone Video

You must have set goals for your product. It is ultimately the consumers that help you realize these milestones. If you’ve achieved a sales target, thank your supporters for believing in you. You can try making the video interactive by asking them to click for a complimentary giveaway or a gift for playing a part in achieving this milestone. It is important to let people know about their invaluable contributions.

Product Launch Video

Each product or service keeps evolving with time. Whether it is an improvement on the existing service or a new product launch, inform your users about it. Always keep them in the loop. Going a step further, you can create videos leading up to the product launch. However, the trick is not to give away too much yet to keep everyone involved.
You can email them at each step. Probably, here as well, you can add some coupon during a product launch.

Brand Impact Video

A video that talks about how a service or product has improved lives go well with the consumers. Also, if you share profits and contribute towards the betterment of people, the environment, or generally, spreading happiness around, you can acknowledge how the end-user has helped create a positive impact on life and the environment. Let them know that they are contributing through you.

Brand Anniversary Video

Keeping your product alive in the user’s memory is a tough task. There is so much to do in life that people often forget birthdays and anniversaries, let alone remembering a brand anniversary. It is a simple way of interacting with your loyalists. Also, you could make the video interactive by asking them what they would like your brand to do for them. It may not be possible to get everybody to respond. However, you will find a few who will interact with you.

Brand Improvement Video

Let’s say you have not seen much action, and you are not able to get new ideas. Once you’ve established your brand’s identity and have a few loyal users, you can make a video asking them how you can improve your product or service. You need to create a call to action tag at the end of the video or lead them to your website for feedback.

Wishing on Festivals Video

Festivals are a time to celebrate. Your buyers are the reason for your celebration. Creating a video celebrating a festival with them is the best way of thanking them. You can ask for reviews as well and ask them to leave a comment.

You have to keep your brand alive and keep people involved. Remember, you have a platform to create a story for your brand!

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