3 Things Businesses Should Do If SEO Rankings Drop Suddenly

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3 Things Businesses Should Do If SEO Rankings Drop Suddenly

The capital of Georgia, Atlanta, is one of the fastest-growing tech hubs in the US. It is famous globally for the Atlanta Tech Village, a budding hub for more than 300 tech startups. It implies that businesses, regardless of their niche market, are likely to get potential customers/clients looking for the same products/services online. But what if you have a startup business whose SEO rankings are suddenly dropping?

To be honest, seeing a sudden sharp rise in SERPs is exciting, but a sudden decline can only bring headaches to startups. One might wonder if they have to start right from the beginning, but the answer is no.

In this article, read about the three things you should do if your company’s SEO rankings are suddenly dropping.

1. Track Google’s Algorithm Changes

Before finding ways to raise the rankings further, the first thing companies should do is track them. Tracking the ranking regularly will let you know if there is an increase or a decrease in the numbers. The reason why doing this is essential is because Google makes more than 3,200 algorithm changes a year. That accounts for more than eight algorithm changes in a single day.

One can use Google Search Console tools to check content visibility, indexing status, etc., besides knowing how well the site is ranked. It helps businesses make their strategy changes accordingly.

2. Check Content Quality

One can always consider content quality to be one of the most important attributes contributing to a drop or rise in the SEO rankings. If your site’s content quality is of substandard quality, it can be a crucial factor in a sudden drop in rankings. Businesses need to understand that the size of the content also matters in many cases. While some SEO experts suggest that long content or articles make the most views, others bank on short and informative content.

Usually, long content has the chance of getting better rankings as one can use more backlinks. However, there is no hard and fast rule about the same. But, what companies need to remember is that content quality should always come above other things.

3. Hire an SEO Company

Nowadays, people primarily rely on search engines to help them gather information about anything. It is a part of the SEO game to see a drop in the rankings and pick it up. Once businesses understand how to fix things and pick the dropped rankings up, they are good to go.

Atlanta has outpaced top-ranking tech cities like Austin or Berlin as a mature global economic force. Startup businesses facing problems with their site rankings should definitely hire Atlanta SEO companies.

Hiring an SEO company in Atlanta means your company gets insights from professionals in the industry. They can help businesses track and fix SEO issues faster than anyone else.

Final Words

Getting a site recognized by the target audience is challenging, especially for startups. Also known as the famous ‘Silicon Valley of the South,’ Atlanta has some of the best SEO companies. Of the 13,000 tech companies in the city, these SEO companies provide top-rated services to many of them. Therefore, hiring a reputed company is the best way to deal with SEO-related issues.

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