4 Must-Have Productivity Tools for Business Admins

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4 Must-Have Productivity Tools for Business Admins

Productivity in business is a hot topic. Are people more effective in the office or at home? Do employees want to use time tracking software or not? How do companies reduce wasted time and increase profits?

There are two ways to answer each question. If you’re working remotely, you save time by not commuting and can finish your tasks quickly. But there are also loads of distractions, and you can procrastinate quite easily. In the office, the environment forces you to work, but you can get swept up in a conversation with the people around you.

Whether a team is in the office or remote, a business always strives to reach milestones and goals. The higher the productivity levels, the faster everything goes so using tools like management tools such as pay stubs for payrolls are useful. Having your finances in order helps any business, be it big or small. You might also want to consider outsourcing a payroll service that can set up a seamless, secure, paperless payroll system that will take the worry out of payroll and give you piece of mind. Using a few of these productivity tools might be the thing that takes you to the next level.

Time Trackers

You either love or hate time trackers. There’s no in-between. No matter the opinion, you can’t say that they don’t work to increase productivity. This tool allows both managers and employees to monitor progress.

If you think of them negatively, it will feel like you’re being watched all the time. The primary purpose of a time tracker is to see how much it takes you to finish a task. If you’re fast and good, that leads you to a promotion.

Knowing that a manager can track your progress increases your motivation to work harder. It’s one of the best ways to boost productivity as a business admin. However, you must ensure that you notify the employees of the benefits and tell them why you’re doing it.

Collaboration Software

In modern businesses, everyone must share documents, work on projects, and collaborate using online tools. Using Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox is a great way to eliminate the need for paper and USB sticks. Working on a project together using online tools is much better because you can brainstorm ideas, add comments, use whiteboards as examples, and send links to relevant sources.

Communication tools like Slack and Discord make it straightforward for everyone to be on the same page, while tools like Jira or Trello make managing a project as easy as pie. Not only that, but all of the documents will be automatically saved, and you will have access to a version history where every edit is visible.

Biometric Passwords

As a business admin, biometric tools might not be the first thing on your mind when you think about productivity. But they rightfully deserve a spot on this list. Their primary use comes in saving time. How many times has an employee lost or forgotten their password?

It’s probably happened hundreds of times. When that happens, they either have to look for it or waste even more company time creating a new one. When they enter the new password, the user interface will tell them that the new password can’t be the same as the old one. This can make you lose your mind if it happens every week.

Biometrics eliminates the need to use passwords. A fingerprint scanner can be used to log into devices for verification. Retina scanners are also an option, but most people don’t like them.

Additionally, this improves your cybersecurity because hackers can’t use a brute force approach to breach your defenses. If you implement biometrics tools, you’ll say goodbye to lost time finding passwords or creating new ones.

Cybersecurity Tools

Cybersecurity tools like VPNs and antivirus will save you a lot of time. Here’s why when you use them, the chances of your business suffering from a data breach or a cyberattack decrease by a large margin.

Instead of trying to save your sensitive data after hackers steal it, you’ll be working just like before. Instead of talking to the media about how you will learn from your mistakes and increase cybersecurity, you’ll be launching new products and services.

Plus, you’re giving peace of mind to your employees that they won’t have to do the same work twice if your servers get wiped out. A combination of biometric password protection, a VPN, and antivirus is close to unbreakable unless there’s human error.

Luckily, NordVPN Threat Protection scales cybersecurity to another level. Instead of only hiding your IP address, their threat protection features scan every file before downloading it and check it for malware.

Threat protection also notifies you whenever you land on a suspicious site and tells you not to enter sensitive information. It also blocks all cookie trackers and ads and lets you have a streamlined experience online.

Being completely safe online and offline prevents cyberattacks from hindering your workflow.

A Few Final Words

Employee productivity is critical when it comes to company success. Modern technology replaces outdated systems and enhances them with productivity upgrades. With these tools, you can manage your employees in the office or remotely.

It won’t matter whether they’re on a beach in Bali or on top of a mountain. Time trackers will tell you how much they worked, collaboration software will help you work together, and cybersecurity tools will protect sensitive data from getting into the wrong hands.

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