5 Tech Tips for Marketers Looking for a Productivity Boost

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5 Tech Tips for Marketers Looking for a Productivity Boost

As a marketer, you may have endless to-do lists and tight deadlines to deal with. The changing dynamics of customer expectations, market trends, and competitors’ strategies make your job even more stressful. Combine it with the complexities of covering multiple channels, and you have a perfect recipe for a productivity disaster. You may find yourself near burnout more than once during your career. However, technology can come to your rescue and bring your productivity back on track. Here are some valuable tech tips for marketers chasing a productivity boost.

Leverage Marketing Automation

Putting the repetitive marketing tasks on autopilot is the best way to save time and reduce your workload. Embracing automation for SMS or email workflows is a great idea as it enables you to deliver personalized messages to the right people. You can also take a set-and-forget approach by implementing these workflows. Automation sets you free from mundane tasks and lets you focus on strategic decisions. The best part is that it does not compromise the quality of customer interactions. Explore Plivo’s 10DLC messaging solution, enabling the use of registered long-code phone numbers for application-to-person (A2P) SMS traffic, ensuring improved deliverability and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Analyze Data in Real-Time

Marketing productivity gets a lot better if you know your customers and competitors well enough. The best way to do it is by eliminating guesswork and analyzing data in real-time. Data drives smarter decisions that lead to better marketing outcomes. But you require reliable analytics tools to get actionable real-time insights. You can depend on these insights to respond to situations faster, answer questions immediately, and stay on top of evolving buyer behaviors.

Embrace Design Skills

Marketers often have to depend on designers to get promotional materials and promotional branded products to run their campaigns. The chain can slow you down and cause frustration when you do not get things on time. You can be more productive by embracing design skills. In fact, you can pick high-quality tech tools and reduce your dependency on designers. For example, you can try a great flyer maker online for free for your next campaign. Besides making you independent, these tools enable you to unleash your creativity to design perfect materials to promote your brand.

Enhance Communication

Poor communication is another reason for missing out on your productivity as a marketer. You may go wrong while communicating with your team or clients, leading to bottlenecks and misunderstandings. Communication issues are common in the new normal with hybrid models becoming a norm. Luckily, you can rely on apps and tools to be on the same page with your team members, customers, and business leaders. Productivity boosts come as a bonus.

Schedule Social Media Posts

You can go the extra mile with productivity by scheduling your social media posts. Most marketers have a hard time running campaigns across multiple social media platforms simultaneously. Posting content on different platforms is challenging as you have to align the posts, manage their timelines, and track outcomes. Luckily, you can use a tool to schedule posts and monitor their performances.

Being productive enables you to do more with less despite the challenges you face every day as a marketer. Try these hacks to become the most efficient and productive version of yourself.

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