7 Must-Have Gadgets for Your Online Marketing Campaign

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7 Must-Have Gadgets for Your Online Marketing Campaign

2020 is the best example where we should admit why online marketing is important and how big an opportunity it is. Due to this online marketing campaign, we are able to serve the customers even in these critical situations to fulfill their needs.

People find it easy to shop online and they are attracted to all the strategies that the business owners follow to grab their attention. No doubt, people accept that they need online marketing more than the traditional one. But every business is unique and some effort is needed to find targeted audiences and to convince them to consider their products/services.

Due to this, it is crucial for the business owner to get online marketing services for their business promotion and for this reason they should hire online marketing services company to implement the right strategy and to optimize marketing campaign successfully. Once your strategy is done, you need to execute it and wait for the outcome. You make it flexible and reasonable according to your buyers, competitors, budget, and all the factors that could affect it.

Do you know, with online marketing campaigns, you can reduce the budget and make it flexible just to have some useful gadgets in your online shops. For your online market, you must have the best website (that is to work as an online shop,) a well-managed social media platform, a strong email marketing campaign, potential leads that you can pitch to them, and a good customer support team. But let me tell you one thing about what customers enjoy the most in online shopping is 24/7 availability or you can say they can come at any time from anywhere and buy your products/services without any delay.

For example: Like a website chatbot that is always available to support customers. So, do you have these types of attractive marketing tools that need a small budget and could welcome your customers at any time of the day? Let’s have a look into it.

7 Gadgets You Can’t Ignore for Your Online Marketing Campaign

In order to increase revenues, brands search for unique concepts and create new tactics to market their goods and services. Online marketing platforms are a big opportunity for the business owner that has superficially turned into a digitized way. As people spend more time on the internet either for entertainment, ordering food, shopping, education, and all. Everything is just a few clicks away.

You have to entertain each and every customer even when they have midnight cravings or a quick confirmation of a cab for your workplace. Are you ready to do all things on your own? Or can you leave it to your employees to handle these types of situations? Obviously not for your online market. You need to enhance your productivity and revenue by using the latest technology because your online marketing is based on digitalization.

In order to boost online marketing campaigns, a tech-savvy digital marketer recognizes the value of investing in the new gadgets. Moreover, it gets complicated if you are not tech-savvy or you don’t know the alternatives you can avail instead of being a technologist.

Many gadgets are in-line to improve your marketing campaigns, reduce the workload of your human agents, gather an audience in a short time, spread awareness of your products, and a cost-effective approach for your business.

Today’s people believe in working smart, not hard. So, digitalization made it possible and present a way better for your business aspects. Many tools in the market can grab the attention of your customers towards your brand. Either it can generate qualified leads, a small pop-up that can help customers make decisions, or automated customer support that can be available for resolving your customer queries or marketing your products.

The following are a few must-have gadgets that can up the game of your digital marketing efforts:

1. A Perfect Website with Eye-Catching Opt-Ins

A trustworthy website is an online version of a shop for the online market. If you want to show your online store, the website is a better option. You have to pick a perfect website builder that can build your online store. After that, all you need is to manage that website with different tools and your stuff. Like a chatbot for websites or an eye-catching optin that easily grabs your customer’s attention.

You can help your visitors to make decisions at the last moment or you can offer your extra stuff that can be helpful for them. You can see many websites that have well-designed opt-ins like Botsify.

Source: Botsify

As they try to make their opt-ins stats based or whenever they launch their new feature, they simply put the opt-ins on all their landing pages that can be a trigger for the website visitor to try their new product. They got a large number of customers on the black Friday 2020 campaign just to embed opt-ins on their landing pages.

2. Make Your CTA Easy to Find

A messy website full of options makes them confused about whether they should go here or there. So don’t mess this up. A clear target call to action (CTA) is a door where your customers come through where you want it.

Source: Robly

You can add CTAs in your newsletter, websites, Facebook ads, or where you find it possible. The color of your CTA button must be visible and matched with your overall theme.

3. Lead Generated Email Automation Tool

Automated email campaigns work like an email blast on your audience inbox that you are targeting for your business. It can be a cold email or warm email depending on what camping you are running. It saves time and gets back to you on your targeted personas.

There are 3.9 billion daily email users. This number is expected to climb to 4.3 billion by 2023. (Statista, 2020)

There are many ways to run our email campaign for various reasons. For collecting potential leads for your online marketing campaign, you can run contests, offer giveaways, referral programs, free guides or Ebooks, etc.

Let’s say an opt-in has 1-2 fields that include the basic information that can help you to connect them in the future and send daily newsletter, promotions and get them up to date with your products/services.

4. The AI Chatbot

Today’s sought-after online marketing tool that helps businesses to increase their ROI is the AI chatbot. A chatbot is software that focuses on customer support services. It works like a human agent to respond to customers’ queries, provide information about your product/services or policies, and resolve their issues. It is a mimicry man who can act as you teach them.

Unlike human support agents, the chatbot doesn’t take rest or a single nap, break, or never take a day off. That’s the reason businesses loved this software and its features that help them to operate worldwide and provide services round the clock. Many chatbot builders are there (like manychat, Botsify, mobile monkey, etc) that provide a fully managed chatbot for your online marketing campaign.

You can get a website chatbot, Facebook Messenger chatbot, SMS chatbot, WhatsApp chatbot, in short, a chatbot for omnichannel. By embedding a website chatbot, you can assist your customers as you do in the offline market. If you build it for Facebook messenger, you can enhance your Facebook marketing easily by redirecting it from the ads or whenever users want to communicate with you.

The perks that you can avail from it. Source: REVE chat

5. Survey and Feedback Tools

It is not difficult to interact with your customers either for selling products or to know what they need by conducting feedback when you operate online marketing. There are many feedback and survey tools that can help you improve your business like you can collect feedback from your regular customers to get to know what they need and what you should add into your portfolio to satisfy their needs.

For this, you can also create conversational forms via chatbot and make engaging surveys for your customers. It is all about how you can satisfy your customers by fulfilling their needs that directly hits your profits high.

6. Clear Content & Videos

All the ways you read above indicates the communication between customers and you. If you fail to do this, you may not achieve the goal that you want. In all communication either you run the advertisement, a chatbot that provides support to your customers regarding any queries, or your social media posting, you have to make clear and simple content that should be attractive and make customers convinced to buy your products.

High-resolution images of your brand or video that contain celebrity endorsement or your manufacturing process, whatever that shows the real picture of your business is a plus point for your marketing campaign.

7. Place Social Media Plugins

No doubt, social media plays a vital role for online marketers. It is all in one when it comes to showcasing your portfolio and this technical era raced this social media strategy.

You can create a nice piece of social media post with related images or videos and link to an auto social media post scheduler. Its cool features like you can integrate your social channels into one tool, set the time that you want to be scheduled, and of course less effort.

You can add a direct link to your landing pages, blogs, or discounted offers that attract customers. Regular social sharing creates a big difference in your social channels. It keeps you alive in front of your customers and reminds them frequently.


It is worth it to invest in these gadgets for any business. These small gadgets really impact your business that many of us ignore. It needs less budget, reduces workload, and is no doubt cost-effective. Like chatbots can cut down your customer support agents’ costs. You just need to train a bot like you train human agents and you can handle lots of customers with just the placement of a chatbot. Same for other marketing campaign tools. Have a quick look at your online marketing campaign and find out what gadgets you need the most and grab it as soon as possible.

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