Animated Support in the World of Marketing – How it is Beneficial

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Animated Support in the World of Marketing – How it is Beneficial

In this business world, people are looking for new ways to promote themselves. They do so to remain ahead of their competitors. With the evolution of digital marketing, the promoting aspect of the business has become more prominent.

Production companies nowadays work to create compelling stories uniquely. Who does not like to watch movies or documentaries? Production companies target the specific needs of the audience by making engaging programs. These companies create visual appeal. This could be beneficial even for small businesses as it does not include any commercial constraints.

A variety of genres comes under the production companies like documentaries, animations, etc. The documentary is a non-fictional film program providing a factual report on a particular discipline.

In animation like 3d animation, figures are created that appear as moving pictures. It draws people’s attention to a particular website or makes them thrilled about a new thing.

Being an incredible tool, it can work wonders for your business. How can you inculcate it in your business? Let us have a look into it.


  • 2D — The foremost advantage of 2D animation is that – it is cheap and easily accessible. Expertise in drawing keyframes is required. Basically, Adobe Animate CC is used for this.
  • 3D — 3d animation is one of the most popular ways of creating visual appeal. It puts life into the fictional characters. It has been widely used in the movie-making industry.
  • Stop-motion — Clay models are used in stop motion. It can also be performed with puppets and even action figures. Having the proper knowledge of stop motion can further help in becoming an expert in visual effects.
  • GIFs — Graphics interchange format is gaining popularity, especially amongst youngsters. It depicts your brand’s personality. It can be used to show a product, tell a story, play an ad, emphasize an organization’s culture, and many more.

The marketing aspect of animated GIFs is a wonderful way to draw people’s attention towards email or blog posts.

  • Motion graphics — Especially used in multimedia, motion-graphics help create the illusion of motion when combined with audio-software like After Effects can be used for it.

Reasons to use it in marketing strategy

  • Grabs the attention — According to statistics, people watch 7000-10000 ads daily. With these amazing numbers reaching users every day, it becomes all the more important for your company to create engaging content. In today’s fast-paced life, people want to watch things that are simple and fast to consume.

People want to watch videos rather than reading the text. They retain 95% of the learning gained from the video. More views and shares can be expected with these things that are beneficial for your business.

As animated videos are short, the audience is compelled to share them with their relatives, friends, or co-workers. So now, the audience will be your brand promoters. To know more, you can visit Rock Creek Productions, where you will get to know each and every aspect of production.

Simplified content — With this mode of entertainment, complex and technical ideas can be easily explained.

  • Adds spice to your content — Animation makes your content look more interesting. Marketing strategies draw attention through creativity. The audience pays more attention to these short, entertaining methods rather than traditional ads. It can be accurate, realistic, and fun with endless opportunities.
  • Describe your organization — A truly remarkable aspect of this mode is that it explains your organization well. Compare the two situations — A person repeating the same things about a product or a brand, or a creative or beautiful animated short video throwing the light on the company. Most people will go for the 2nd choice as it will be remembered for a longer time.
  • Reasonable — Animated videos are not expensive to produce in comparison to other videos. Through this mode, expenses spent on the casting actors, shoot location, and props are saved.

With this, if you are not sure about the storyline or budget, you can change it without affecting the whole structure or expenses.

  • Customer satisfaction — Audiences are more connected to you through this mode of entertainment. It shows the brand’s uniqueness.

With the original content, 91% of the audience is satisfied. When they share these videos, 62% of the people are likely to purchase the things from the brand expressing authenticity.

It is a powerful tool to jump into the bandwagon of animated videos to garner the audience’s attention. In this competitive world, innovative marketing strategies are essential to remaining ahead of others. So go for it to make your business more alive.

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