Avoid Liabilities with a Hazard-Free Factory

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Avoid Liabilities with a Hazard-Free Factory

Owners and managers of a manufacturing plant have a great responsibility to their employees since working in a factory poses many risks for them. Many workplaces have risks that the staff are aware of but, factories have shown to have the most dangerous ones. These hazards are life-threatening and will lead to lawsuits and other liabilities to the company. As a manager, it is your job to ensure your employees are safe from these hazards to avoid these liabilities.

Below we discuss the top hazards present in a factory and how best to avoid them.


Over the years, falls have been among the top ways people get injured or die in manufacturing plants. Falls can be attributed to the setup of the factory; is it safe to walk freely? There are many ways you can prevent falls on your premises. You can start with simple methods like ensuring there is no spillage of any kind on floors to prevent slipping. Have a cleaning staff ready for any spillage, be it water or oil.

How can you avoid liabilities? Below are some pointers;

  • Utilize signage to help direct workers to safer areas. The signs should include a warning to show a hazard present; this way, you will avoid any liabilities if a worker does not follow the rules.
  • Lighting: light up the dark rooms and hallways to help people see when walking. Someone might trip due to small objects lying around, leading to employee compensations which will cost the company. Avoid such mistakes by ensuring there is popper lighting.
  • Flooring: avoid using slippery materials for your floors. When looking for flooring for factories, stick to flooring material that poses no danger in workplaces. Moreover, you can invest in non-slip footwear that workers can wear when at work.


Factories have varieties of machinery, from small devices to heavy machines. These machines lessen work and increase productivity; however, they also pose a danger to your staff. Workers operating machines daily are at significant risk of life-threatening accidents, meaning the devices can be dysfunctional at any time leading to these accidents. The first action to take when handling machinery is ensuring there is regular maintenance.

Make it a habit to check if the machine is in good condition before proceeding with any production. Also, invest in good machining. Automatic machines are the best since it requires minimal human handling reducing hazards. Moreover, it is essential to guard machines well. You can use customized engineering cabinets for proper storage. Contact your supplier and request cabinets of any size, depending on your machinery. You can store devices like industrial robotic arms in engineering cabinets.


Fire is a common accident, be it at home or in factories. Fire is caused by several elements like flammable gases and liquids, electricity, machinery, among others. Fire accidents lead to loss of revenue, not forgetting the loss of life. Prevent fire hazards by ensuring you hire skilled personnel. When your staff is experienced working at your factory, they will know what to do to avoid fire outbreaks. Another thing to consider is training. Regardless of their expertise, conduct training on how to handle some machines, electrical appliances, and flammable fluid.

Additionally, train your staff on how to put out a fire. Conduct fire drills to show them the procedure when there is a fire outbreak. While doing these drills, remember to equip your facility well with smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and protective gears.


Electrical accidents are most common in the engineering and electrical teams in a factory. An engineer and a commercial electrician work with electricity and electrical machines, predisposing them to the dangers of electrocution. Electrocution occurs in simple ways, from neglect of exposed wires to mishandling of devices. Avoid such liabilities by ensuring that every electrical device is installed correctly and any naked wires fixed. You may hire a professional electrician to check on these common electrical problems or call GB Electrical Services for electrical outlet installation and similar services.

Insulation of power cables and connectors should be paramount in any industry. All employees should get additional training on safety standards regardless of the department they work. Regular maintenance with the help of a licensed commercial electrician should also be performed.


Chemical is an essential element in most, if not all, industrial processes. These chemicals pose risks to the human body and must be handled with caution. Training is paramount before any employee can be allowed to handle chemical substances. There are many toxic chemicals present in industries, and they might cause burns, suffocation, predispose someone to chronic illnesses, and death.

Managers need to provide the proper gear for handling such substances and guarantee employees their safety while at work. There are some cases where companies have been closed down due to the effects of the chemicals they use. For instance, using asbestos is discouraged since it predisposes people to a chronic lung disease called asbestosis.


The manufacturing industry is among the workplace with the most risks to employees. Over the years, there have been significant accidents that cost many lives happening in various factories. Some of these accidents are avoidable if the management had been competent. It is possible to work in a factory and face no risk. Putting safety measures in place will go a long way in ensuring your employees are safe to work and, in turn, decrease any liabilities.

Provide the proper training to equip your staff with all the skills and knowledge needed for working safely.

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