The Six Best Background Check Sites

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The Six Best Background Check Sites

If you’re looking to hire someone new at your business or are looking for a trustworthy carer for your kids, a background checking service can help. There are now loads of different background checking services which can quickly give you details about a person.

Depending on what you want to know, some sites may be better than others. If you want a more detailed report on a person, the service could be more expensive and take longer. However, checks can be very fast if you only need contact details or quick insight.

More companies than ever are starting to use background checks to verify the information on candidate CVs. This will ensure that a candidate is trustworthy before hiring them. They also have a lot of uses for regular people. Uses include checking dates you met online and ensuring that your new nanny is safe around your children. You can even use a background checking service to check what kind of information people can find about you online. This is very helpful if you want to protect your privacy online.

What Can a Background Check Reveal?

Background checking tools can reveal a wide range of different information. The exact details will often depend on the service you use, the type of search you choose, and the information available. Below are some of the things background checks can discover about a person:

  • Education history — Find out when a person enrolled and graduated and what college or university they attended. You can also see what they studied and, in some cases, their grades.
  • Employment history — Discover the full employment history of a person. This includes the previous job titles they held and what dates they started and finished each role.
  • Criminal record — Most background checks will show up any charges or recent arrests. How far back in time this goes will depend on where you live. Some background checks will only reveal a few years of criminal history, while others may reveal as much as if they used a bail bonds service to be released for jail while their case was underway, and the end result of said case if it has already ended.
  • Credit history — This is a description of a person’s financial history, including loans, mortgages, and more. It will also tell you if the person is financially responsible. You’ll see whether they have recently defaulted on loans or declared bankruptcy.

The Best Background Checking Sites

The following are some of the best background checking sites available. You can use these services to quickly find detailed information about a person and who they are.

1. Check People

Use Check People to run an instant search on someone. This service will let you discover their contact details, including email, telephone, and address. If you want to find out more, you can. The tool also lets you see full details like employment history, criminal record, and more.

2. Been Verified

This service is ideal for companies looking to hire the best possible candidate. The background search will reveal past employment. There’s also information on education and details about any certifications and other credentials. You can also use it to locate up to date contact information about someone.

3. People Finders

This site uses a subscription-based model. You can subscribe and run as many background searches as you like each month. The site provides lots of details about each person, including contact information and their recent work history. People Finders will also be able to reveal a person’s marital status, helpful if you’re using it to check out details about a date.

4. US Search

US Search provides a comprehensive background search option. It allows you to uncover just about everything. You can find full criminal history, the extent of a person’s employment history, and where they went to school. If you want to download a full report containing all the info, you will have to pay extra.

5. Intellius

As long as you have the person’s full name, you can use Intellius to find out any other details about a person. Find out if they have a criminal record and learn about their recent employment. This service will sign you up for a subscription once you’ve completed a search. If you don’t plan on using it regularly, you’ll want to unsubscribe so that you don’t have to pay extra.

6. Good Hire

Good Hire is excellent for small businesses that are trying to select the best possible candidates. The service will use a person’s full name to recover three different levels of information. The information provided will depend on which service you pay for. So if you need the full picture, you’ll need to pay more.

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