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Bigcommerce Mightyforms Online Form Creator

For any business or market, collecting user information is essential. This information may include customer experience, satisfaction, reviews, or personal details. For this matter, all the online business platforms need to have certain forms that can be a source to access user information. BigCommerce Online Form Creator utilizes the services of Mightyforms to create and design the easy to integrate and answer forms. The automated workflow that is innate to this document builder makes it impeccable.

These forms are code-free and make it possible for any starry-eyed enthusiastic entrepreneur to build these forms and capture his/her customer experience in real-time. Different types of forms can be created, edited, and filled online through the BigCommerce Online Form Creator. These are:

Contact forms

These forms are created to allow the consumers, customers, or users to visit and interact with the website admins, managers, and even the owners. These forms create a link or an email address to which the users are directed to after filling in their basic personal information. They enhance the customer experience as the customers are free to reach you in case of any query.

Surveys and polls

For any market surveys are the initiators for any production progress. Surveys or polls are conducted to know about the customer and market demand. The idea of a product depends on what is required by the public. Once, the production is under process, surveys are conducted to predict the target market. Polls also help in foreseeing the price of the product and the profit outcome. These forms are, hence, integral to any market platform. And connects the business to its users directly.

The survey forms created using BigCommerce Online Form Creator can be for random public or be targeted for their desired groups. Targeting can be achieved by stratifying the general public. Or a researcher can target his/her audience based upon his judgment, convenience, or specific allocations.

Order forms

If you buy a lot form online programs, these are the forms you encounter the most. These appear when you are checking out and proceeding a purchase. These forms usually require a user to fill his delivery details, payment options, and contact information. These are also the mainstream forms for any sort of online business.

Subscription form

Businesses that are looking for partners or have products that are based on subscriptions and memberships create such forms. As soon as you accede to an offer, you are asked to fill in a subscription form. It includes your payment details and options, your renewal details and options, and the alternatives to reach you. Alternative fields are provided to contact you in case you are not responsive to your primary details provided.

Feedback form

These forms have built a place for themselves recently. Earlier in this decade, feedbacks were not as important as they are now. This is because nobody realized the value of customer satisfaction or product value in profit maximization. But as technology has spread like a wildfire, competitive markets have compelled the marketers to focus on customer experience. The market survival is based on customer satisfaction and hence the feedback forms are crucial.

Job application forms

Lastly, application forms can also be created through BigCommerce Online Form Creator. All of these forms are PDF fillable forms that allow the users to provide only the required details. These are important for businesses as these forms strengthen customer interaction.

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