Bring Your Clients Back: 6 Secrets of Abandoned Cart Emails

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Bring Your Clients Back: 6 Secrets of Abandoned Cart Emails

Every eCommerce company deals with cart abandonment and seeks to lower its rate. Around 69% of online shoppers abandon their carts on average. For eCommerce businesses, cart abandonment is a significant source of revenue loss. This article will discuss the best secrets for writing emails with abandoned carts that encourage customers to finish their purchases.

How to Remind Your Clients of the Abandoned Cart?

Anyone who works in eCommerce knows about cart abandonment. It is a nightmare for every online retailer. Every online business tries to reduce the cart abandonment rate. These emails are sent to customers so that they can be reminded of what they left in their carts and motivate them to buy those spectacular products.

Cart abandonment email is often part of a workflow that begins when someone abandons their shopping cart. A process for abandoned carts frequently consists of a series of emails aimed at persuading the customers to come back and finish their shopping.

Automated abandoned cart email series setup is simple. Numerous websites provide services for email creation, planning, and distribution related to abandoned carts. To rekindle your customer’s desire to make a purchase, you must understand the best practices for an abandoned cart email.

What Are the Rules on How to Send Effective Abandoned Cart Emails?

Let’s create a convincing and trustworthy cart abandonment email. You can use the following rules for creating a compelling cart abandonment email:

1. Compelling Subject Line

Sometimes, the preview text and subject line are overlooked when writing an email. A strong subject line, however, can significantly impact both your open rate and your conversion rate. The email’s subject must be clear to the customer at first glance. A significant component of this is personalization; one strategy is to leverage the product name to entice customers to return.

2. Clear CTA

You may be able to persuade clients to buy your product by reminding them of the benefits of doing so, but this alone may not be sufficient. Therefore, for the most impact, it would be good to employ tried-and-true call-to-action buttons. Work on making your buttons appealing and simple to read. In addition, apply your creativity to make them distinctive and powerful.

3. Showcase The Items in the Abandoned Cart

A screenshot of the items in their cart, complete with prices and totals, is one of the most crucial components of an abandoned cart email. It is personalized by including the items from the abandoned cart. However, it also acts as a visual reminder of the items the individual was purchasing. Since most people are visual animals and the senses of touch and smell are unavailable to internet customers, visual cues are even more crucial.

4. Make It Short and Concise

It is unnecessary to make an abandoned cart email lengthy to persuade customers to alter their minds as they are already aware of the product when they add it to the cart. In addition, your clients could be too busy to read lengthy emails. Your text block should be brief and to the point. Check your email deliverability to ensure your emails reach your customers.

5. Customize the Content

Producing tailored content is crucial because it increases brand recognition and fosters trust. To lessen the overtly commercial tone of the message, you should speak to your customers as if they were your friends.

6. Employ the Brand’s Voice

Building a brand voice is crucial to email marketing and customer development. Keep your company’s tone consistent throughout all customer interactions, including emails sent in response to abandoned carts, whether serious or humorous.

Your online store’s credibility and professionalism are enhanced. One of the strongest strategies for reaching consumers with brands is through humor. Humorous brand voices not only appeal to consumers but also make your business stand out and increase brand recognition.

You may engage users and persuade them to complete their purchase by using humorous and interesting information in your abandoned cart emails.

What is the Best Moment to Send an Abandoned Cart Email?

Cart abandonment emails can be very powerful, but timing is everything. You can’t merely send this kind of email after the customer visits your online store in the hopes that they will return. When you send cart abandonment emails too soon, they land in their spam bin. You can be viewed as a spammer. If they are delivered too slowly, the buyer will overlook the abandoned item. You must therefore adhere to a crystal-clear abandoned cart email series.

Your emails need to be suitably spaced apart for an abandoned cart email series to function effectively. Wait at least 24 hours before sending the second email regarding an abandoned cart after the first one. A minimum of 24 to 48 hours should pass between the second and third messages. Spend the initial email you send to consumers attempting to fix any technical problems that might have prevented them from making a purchase.

Be sure to highlight what makes your company stand out from the competition in the second message and try to remind customers of the reasons the items were added to their cart in the first place. Product descriptions, examples of customer endorsements, and summaries of the essential characteristics of your goods or business are all excellent additions to the second email. Customers will get this email to persuade them to buy your items and change their thoughts.

Consider the possibility that the client may have chosen a different path in the third email. This is also a perfect moment to send a quick survey asking the buyer why they initially abandoned their cart, even though you should still link to their cart in case they decide to continue their purchase after all. You can use these responses to guide future critical business decisions.


It is easy to set up an email to be sent when a shopping cart is abandoned. It’s a clever marketing strategy that can aid client retention and engagement. Making a successful abandoned cart email requires a variety of techniques. Recovering more carts requires a compelling, well-written message.

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