Challenges of Shopify Plus Agency

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Challenges of Shopify Plus Agency

What You Should Know About Shopify

Shopify is an excellent platform to help you effortlessly put up an eBusiness website and trade products, primarily if you work with a Shopify Plus Agency. It is also regarded as an excellent tool for scaling eCommerce. But, it is not usually a walk in the park to scale Shopify, and there are countless obstacles you will come across during the process.

On the flip side, Shopify Plus is an eBusiness platform specially created for businesses that operate as enterprises. The platform offers its users more than what they would get on basic Shopify. For example, you can access features such as automation and customization.

A Shopify Plus Agency is a company that helps online companies mature their business on the Shopify plus. The agency assumes the technical responsibilities of the whole process, allowing the business to keep scaling and growing.

Here are the tasks a Shopify Plus Agency will help you tackle.

Analysis, Design, and Development

The experts will help in the analysis of your business needs to create a customized solution. After that, it will help you develop a design for your eCommerce enterprise site that reflects your entity accurately. It also looks at the buyer experience so that they get what they expect from you.

Re-platforming, SEO, and Data Migration

If you own an eBusiness website for your business already and would love to shift to Shopify Plus, an agency will help you with that. Usually, re-platforming saves time as it takes nearly half the time to do the traditional eBusiness platforms. The agency will also help you migrate your data and apply appropriate redirects, ensuring your SEO is not affected.


It might be taxing to grow sales in your current location, and you might need to expand to more markets. Shopify is not built to be a multi-site. With Shopify Plus, your Shopify Plus Agency can help you create different websites to cover the new countries you venture into without incurring extra costs.

Headless Commerce

Building a headless Shopify website helps a company to scale its theme potential. It also allows it to use different apps and spread out to intercontinental markets. It facilitates you to unlink your front theming from the eBusiness core platform itself.

Shopify Payments Check Out

One critical element of your eBusiness platform on Shopify Plus is checkout and payment options. For a healthier user experience, you ought to add payments and checkout to your eBusiness platform to make your clients’ experience more pleasurable. Studies have revealed that clients prefer having a payment opportunity on the eBusiness site to pay for goods and services.


There is no point in having an eCommerce business site if it is not accessible. Therefore, you require a shopify web design agency expertise to help you deal with the issue of accessibility. For instance, your business should be accessible to persons living with disabilities to take care of all its clients.

Customized Shopify App Development

Nowadays, people prefer doing their online activities on the go, including shopping. In this regard, a Shopify Plus Agency will help you develop a Shopify app customized to meet the needs of your business. Creating a dedicated app will make your user’s experience enhanced hence boosting your business. Additionally, the agency will also facilitate you with safeguarding the platform and other technical support services you may require.

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