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Content Tips For Your E-commerce Store to Get Higher Sales

A detailed product description helps boost the sales of your goods online. Customers click on the Buy Now or Add to Basket button only after reading the detailed description of the product to know its features and benefits. Hence, the description of products sold on the eCommerce store plays a vital role in expanding online business.

Here are some tips on how to write a product description to attract more customers.

An attractive product description can help boost sales

Aim for Ideal Purchasers

Keep product descriptions simple and casual. It allows the customer to understand the features of the product better. Write descriptions that easily relate to the customer. Do not use jargon or fancy words as it might confuse the buyer.

Focus on Benefits

It is possible to get excited about individual product features when you market your goods, making make you go a little overboard on the descriptions. Customers prefer straightforward explanations to know what’s in store for them and how it helps them. Consider writing the benefits of a product from a customer’s point of view. It allows the customer to experience the benefits by simply reading the description.

Avoid Regular Phrases

Do not use phrases such as ‘awesome product features’, ‘ excellent quality’ or ‘best service ever’. These are the standard phrases used by all vendors to promote their products in their eCommerce store. Customers will never be impressed with such products. They are more interested in how the product meets their needs. Avoid describing the benefits of the products, and elaborate on the qualities of the product instead. Keep the description simple and ordinary.

Avoid Using Superlatives Unless Necessary

Superlatives are words that hype up the value of the products. You cannot use superlatives on simple products to increase sales, as this might backfire. Superlatives need to be used on exclusive or niche products. Patented products are one such thing, as they are special and come top-notch features. For example, an e-reader like Amazon Kindle.

Appeal To Your Readers’ Imagination

Touch and feel of the product give an exceptional experience to the customers, which results in profitable sales. However, this is difficult for customers purchasing goods from an eCommerce store. Descriptions should take the customers to an imaginative world and enable them to sense the product. Starting sentences with ‘Imagine’, and ending them with how they feel can do the trick and motivate customers to buy the product.

Use Sensory Words

Using sensory words helps in increasing sales of the product. Sensory words are very powerful and allow the purchaser to experience the feel of the product. Using words like smooth, crispy, soft, bright, silky, vibrant, etc. can impress your customers and encourage them to buy the product.

Deliver Scannable Description

Keeping your description short and readable makes it easy to scan. Not all customers have the time to read the description in its entirety. They aim to look at the specific features and benefits of the product. Here are a few pointers that can help you deliver a scannable description:

  • Mention features in bullet points
  • Use a readable font size
  • Use creative headlines
  • Add a lot of white space

Copywriting is another important feature of advertising. It increases brand awareness for better sale value. Here are a few mistakes you must avoid to enhance your copywriting techniques:

Do Not Oversell the Product

As a product owner, you will be inclined to oversell the product. However, this does not go well with customers. They don’t buy products based on appreciation from sellers, rather, they look for features that make them feel good after purchase. Try explaining the benefits of the product to give them a pleasant feeling. Increase their assurance and relaxation as this will take away their discomfort.

Stop Using Top-Shelf Words As Fillers

Self-praising words such as innovative, best in the market, world-class quality, superior designs, etc. are not valued anymore. Customers require information about product use and benefits. Add words that attract customer’s attention and stop them from wandering around the page for accurate information.

Stick To Limited Adjectives

Using adjectives enhances the customer’s imagination. It allows them to visualize how the product looks and feels. On the other hand, an overdose of adjectives gets the customer irritated. Here are a few tips to use adjectives appropriately:

  • Use words to connect with customer’s emotions like delightful, alluring, mesmerizing, etc.
  • Do not bother explaining the appearance of the product if you are posting an image of the product.
  • Do not crowd the sentence with too many adjectives. Use just one adjective before the noun.

Ensure Your Content is Well Analysed

Content delivered by professional copywriters goes through several edits. Nobody gets it right in the first go. You need to rephrase the sentence several times until you are confident about pleasing your customer. A well-delivered content will include points about price, engagement level, and feature benefits of the products in your eCommerce store.

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