Dedicated IT Development Team: What It Brings and Why It is Needed

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Dedicated IT Development Team: What It Brings and Why It is Needed

What are the benefits of the partnership with an external team, and why do companies even with a conservative mindset, actively reconsider their attitude to outsourcing and try on a new development model? – Let’s take a look at the following. Advantages of partnership with a dedicated development team.

Free Time

The most valuable resource is time. IT managers in large corporations are especially careful about their own labor costs, and therefore more and more often outsource their daily IT tasks.

Engaging dedicated development, the lion’s share of client’s time is released for strategic planning and concentration on the really important business tasks. Operations, micromanagement, project management, staff reshuffle – all this is taken over by the development partner.

Speed of Project Launch and Implementation

In a highly competitive environment, such parameters as the speed of release of a new product are critically important for companies. Practice shows that the leaders in the digital race are those companies which use the services of dedicated developers. Trends in the IT industry change with cosmic speed; the need for new specialist competences often appears suddenly.

Saving the Budget

As we have already written, companies that successfully implement outsourcing models report up to 25% reduction of a company’s total costs. The figures may be more impressive. If you are talking about episodic work – like creating and launching an MVP, for example – using an external resource will also be cheaper (you can use our calculator to compare the cost of development using external and internal resources).


Tasks on the customer side can be diverse. The competence of in-house specialists may in some cases be insufficient for implementing some of them. The main advantage of using dedicated development is its flexibility and the ability to form any project team for different requirements and project tasks of the client.


The foundation of a productive relationship between the client and contractor is the formation of an open dialog between them. The main role in the establishment of such a relationship should be given to the outsourcing company. Regular communication in messengers also allows the customer to be as close as possible to the development process and always remain at the center of events.


The company’s entire talent pool usually takes regular refresher courses, and also builds up expertise on the company’s internal projects. The developer’s management keeps a close eye on the permanence rate of the company’s personnel and develops systems of motivation and encouragement for employees to ultimately provide the customer with confidence, both in the permanence of the project team’s personnel and in the result.


It is obvious that for quality implementation of a project it is necessary to involve specialists with high expertise which is being built up over years. It is not always beneficial for a business to invest time and finances to develop the competence of in-house specialists. To learn more about the benefits, visit


Partnership with an outsource-developer is one of the most effective tools for optimization of company business processes. When properly building partnership relations, the outsourcing team can become not only an “insurance” or “reserve hands” for the current tasks, but a strategic asset for productive business development.

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