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Email Marketing Software for Small Business

One sage said, “It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to take a big leap forward just to stumble.”

Imagine spending day after day trying to design a highly anticipated email marketing campaign, but fail with the required resources.

We all need the right digital marketing, especially ecommerce email marketing techniques, for our campaigns to be successful.

Over 80% of Retail Professionals Prefer Email Marketing As Their Most Important Customer Retention Factor!

We have personally witnessed an increase in my blog viewers and course participants as We adapted the right email marketing strategies.

Are you ready to grow your business and therefore are you looking for ways to do it? Are you tired of using conventional email marketing methods that no longer seem effective?

As a business, there are countless ways you can advertise and monetize your business – it all depends on how you want to be viewed by the public and what works best for your brand. However, with there being such a diverse way to present your email marketing strategy – these key differences between inbound and outbound marketing work for all businesses.

Be that as it may, there are certain Email Marketing Softwares Every marketer looking to expand their audience should be aware of this.

Email marketing is known to enable businesses to engage with their customers and prospects at scale. The process becomes even easier with email marketing software.

The right software in your arsenal can help you package and send emails. You can also take full advantage of segmentation strategies, automation, and campaigns. In addition, you may also utilize people-based marketing solutions, you might want to see it here to learn more.


It is by far one of the best email marketing software for small business due to its top performance over the past eight years. Called as a leader in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Lead Management, Marketo is known to deliver measurable results.

Marketo also provides its users with email newsletter software. This makes the process of creating an email campaign simple and fast. No need to think about direct mail services pricing as the feature (direct mail) is already available.

It also allows us to automatically trigger real-time emails based on activity. All this does not require programming at all! What kind of relief does this sound like?

Marketo also helps you gain insight into your customers, thereby improving your results with personalized emails. You can use A / B testing and predictive content in your emails to improve your results.

Besides email marketing, it also allows you to manage leads, consumer marketing, mobile marketing, and more. These services can be complementary to your email marketing

The email marketing process is constantly evolving. Thus, one must be able to learn from the mistakes of the past and correct them almost simultaneously. Marketo helps you with this by providing you with email marketing performance metrics.

Act-On Software

If you’re looking for something easy to build and easy to deploy, Act-On should be your choice.

Known for its marketing automation solutions, Act-On email marketing platform is truly robust. It helps you connect with your audience with personalized messages through the most relevant channels.

Their email marketing software delivers delivery and engagement by helping you analyze openness, clicks, and conversions. Thus, it will help you optimize campaigns according to your needs.

Act-On also provides you with transactional email services. These services allow you to automatically exchange important information such as:

  • Account creation alerts;
  • Purchase receipt;
  • Password reset;
  • Transactional emails to relevant customers.

The Largest RSS-to-Email Feature can help you deliver your latest blogs and newsletters to your clients’ inbox. Thus, Act-On also provides you with blogging or newsletter software.

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