Grabbing a STEM Career Foothold

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Grabbing a STEM Career Foothold

According to an expert leader like Kamau Bobb, Science, Technology, Education, and Maths (STEM) is a broad-ranging and exciting sector which covers many related industries and varied job roles. And it’s playing an increasingly important part in the way our world develops.

From computer coders to medical research scientists and construction engineers to mathematicians and physicists pushing the boundaries of human understanding, STEM careerists are at the cutting edge of advances that help us live in better harmony with each other and our planet.

So all in all, STEM is a great destination for anyone who wants a fulfilling job that makes a difference. And the good news is that, on both sides of the Atlantic, there’s a STEM skills gap which means that anyone who with the requisite skills and experience is highly sought-after.

However, recent research from the UK’s Institution of Education and Technology (IET) revealed that although more students were studying STEM qualifications, 73 percent of UK engineering and tech firms were experiencing recruitment problems because the workplace skills of candidates don’t match their academic knowledge.

Therefore, if you’re inspired by STEM, as well as pursuing an appropriate qualification, you’ll probably need some relevant work experience to stand out against other candidates and convince recruiters you have the practical skills and book smarts to succeed.

But every great journey starts with one small step and your first foray into this fulfilling career path could be reading about a couple of ways to grab a STEM career foothold — let’s get stuck in!

Find a STEM Internship

If you’re finishing school or university, a formal internship with a tech company can be a great way to enhance your CV ahead of either applying for an entry-level role, apprenticeship or graduate position.

One of the keys to securing a good internship is staying ahead of the game so that you’re aware of opportunities as soon as they become available.

There’s a lot of competition, so by consulting your school or university careers office, asking your faculty professors and tutors for personal recommendations and reaching out to school alumni who are working for top STEM organizations, you’ll give yourself the best chance of bagging a prime placement.

For a first taste of the type of placement on offer, look at Gradcracker’s STEM internships listings.

Take a postgraduate distance learning data science course

If you’ve already got a good science degree but pursued a different career path and would now like to switch to a STEM role, you might be wondering how to refresh your knowledge without giving up your current job immediately, especially if you have family and financial commitments.

The solution might be an ARU distance learning Data Science MSc — you can earn this type of accredited qualification by working mainly online from the comfort of your own home, with a two-week in-person boot camp where you’ll mix and mingle with tutors and classmates. Check out all the courses offered by online.

And by the time you graduate, you’ll know all about analyzing complex data to support decision making in a huge range of industries — what’s not to love?

Do you have advice on pursuing a STEM career? Share it in the comments section.

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