Here’s How to Help Your Team Get More Productive

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Here’s How to Help Your Team Get More Productive

Good managers do not manage; they lead; they inspire!

The biggest challenge of any CEO or manager is to get the most productivity from their team. That’s mainly because humans are not very easy to control.

But if done rightly, you can make each employee happier with their job and inspire them to get more productive. This is something every manager wants. Moreover, knowing you’re spurring productivity in your team can boost your confidence and the company’s revenue and reputation.

But how do you go about that? Here are effective ways to help your team become more productive:

Allow Your Employees Some Freedom and Autonomy

You see, humans are the most difficult people to control. Order them around, and they’ll want to do the opposite. Humans are most productive in a given task when they do it out of passion, when it’s their will and not entirely someone else’s.

So rather than constantly pushing your employees to do things your way, allow them to use the methods that work best for them. Have honest conversations about how they want to work. Let them know that their ideas are always welcome.

Guide, Even While Allowing Autonomy

Autonomy can be great, but people can waste valuable time figuring something out if they don’t know what to do or how to do it.

Checking in with employees and asking questions can help give your employees some sense of direction to put them on the right track. Challenge them with questions like, “What’s my reason for working on this project? What do I need to accomplish? Is there some method I could use to be more efficient? Is there something I should be doing instead?” You can make suggestions, but remember not to be too imposing.

Let Your Actions Be Genuine

It’s easy to fake these things. But it’s twice as easy for your employees to spot your lack of authenticity. Once they sense that you’re faking it, it becomes less effective. Besides, not being yourself can make work less enjoyable for you. You just can’t keep up with the act.

So, rather than acting on some leadership style based on another manager’s behavior, try to improve on yours. Ensure your behavior remains consistent with your values.

Empower Your Team with Latest Technology

Do you want to improve your employees’ productivity and efficiency? Then, hand them the best technology! From time tracking software to Virtual Desktops for Offices, many tools are available to help your team members get more out of their time.

Consider what tasks employees are handling, especially those that are very repetitive and mundane. Finding software to automate such tasks can help them get more productive with more critical activities.

Recognize and Appreciate Their Efforts

Many employees are trying to do more, but most of their colleagues are so caught up in their own worlds to give them the applause they deserve.

As the manager, recognizing, applauding, and rewarding employees’ efforts may be the boost they and their colleagues need to try harder.

FineAwards’ custom plaques can be a way of demonstrating that an employee is valued and recognized; it is a gesture that motivates them to work productively, as a personalized award is sure to please them.

Hire the Right Team

Sometimes, a bad employee will remain unproductive no matter what you do. So, it will make sense to terminate such employees and hire the right people to move your company forward. If you’ve tried too hard for long and a particular employee won’t get on their feet, it’s wise to replace them.

The Bottom Line

People are only as productive as they are passionate about their work. So let your employees understand your mission and get them excited about it. Make them a part of it—that the company is part of their life—and they’ll be more willing to put in the work to make this part of their life worthwhile.

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