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How Can You Make Your Client More Visible Online

We live in times when being visible online is one of the most important things for businesses, especially small ones. After all, it’s hard to make a profit if nobody knows about you. However, many business owners have no clue about online visibility, and how to improve it, which is why they hire people who do it for them.

The truth is that it’s not as hard as you might think – all you need is knowledge and a little bit of practice. So how can you do it? Well, it will require a few things. Those include.

Building The Client’s Website

The first thing that you should do if your client doesn’t have a website, is to build one – this way people can read more information about them, and look at the products your client has to offer at any time, from wherever they are.

You can enrich the website by adding an online appointment scheduling system, which will not only make it easier for customers to make reservations, but also will help your client in keeping track of everything.

However, only building a website will not be enough, as it has to have good SEO. And what exactly is it? According to the experts from Web Monkey Online, “SEO is an online strategy for ranking high in search engine results and boosting organic traffic to a website.” In simple words, SEO brings people to the website.

There are two types of SEO – on-page SEO and off-page SEO. The latter can be described as everything you do outside of the website, which includes, for example, getting links. On-page SEO, on the other hand, consists of the site and everything on it, so, for instance, quality content with relevant keywords.

Not Forgetting About The Social Media

If you really want to make your client visible online, you cannot forget about social media. However, you need to do it reasonably – don’t open an account on all the possible social media at once. Instead, choose two or three, which you believe will be the most beneficial for your client.

Once you do it, you can start your marketing. Keep in mind that people tend to scroll through social media like Facebook or Instagram really fast, which means that you have to catch their attention. How can you do it? Well, for example, you can add a colorful image to every post (remember that it has to be connected to the content). Make a schedule of what you want to post, and when you want to do it.

Using Content Marketing

Another thing that you can do in order to make your client more visible online, is using content marketing. What is it exactly? As you may assume from the name, it focuses on providing your audience (or your client’s audience) with valuable and relevant content.

One of the methods that people practicing content marketing use is guest blogging on other reputed platforms, in exchange for backlinks, for example. However, when doing it you need to remember you should try to educate the audience, and not sell them something.

If people will find your client’s content valuable, they will be more likely to visit your client’s website and find out more about them. Putting different content on several sites means a bigger audience. However, if the content will not be relevant, or the audience will feel as if the purpose of it is to sell and not to help them, they will not only not visit your client’s website, but in the long run, it can also result in a bad reputation for your client.

Final Thoughts

In today’s world, it’s hard to be a successful business owner if you lack online presence – after all, the majority of people are looking for products online. However, not everyone is familiar with technology, and that’s completely fine. That’s also one of the reasons why business owners hire people who increase their online visibility for them.

Once you get the hang of it, you can also become one of these people – hopefully, our tips will help you with that. For now, the only thing we can say is Good Luck!

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