How to Get a Competitive Advantage at a Trade Show

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How to Get a Competitive Advantage at a Trade Show

As trade shows return after the pandemic lull, they are more competitive than ever. Missing out on this form of promotion is not a choice if you want to stay visible in the business landscape. Despite the challenges, trade shows continue to be a winning marketing strategy. The good thing is that you can do your bit to create a great impact and get a competitive advantage at trade shows and corporate events. Let us share some proven hacks to achieve the trade show goal.

Choose the Right Events

The competition you face at a trade show depends on the choice of the event. Remember that you should not participate in an event only because your competitors are there. Chase your target audience instead because they matter more. Also, check your promotional goal because it should be relevant to the choice of the show. For example, a niche event is more apt if you want to launch a new product that targets a specific audience segment. You will have to compete with fewer brands, so gaining an edge is relatively easy.

Send the Right People

Another tip to stay ahead of your competitors is to send the right team of people to convene your trade show booth. Everything boils down to matching them with your audiences and goals. Your best sales executives are good enough to impress B2C customers, but they may not work for selling to B2B buyers. You will have to send executives, leaders, and subject matter experts to set your booth apart. Either way, choose qualified people with pleasant personas and excellent communication skills.

Plan and Prepare Well

A trade show is a competitive event, so you must not take it frivolously. Planning and preparation are the cornerstones of an impressive presence that makes your Modular Exhibit Booths visible in a crowded venue. Invest in branding elements like trade show displays, merchandise, and giveaways. You should also invest in Retractable Stanchions so that you can manage the crowd. As standing out is an important factor in trade shows, it is crucial for participants to distinguish themselves and capture the attention of potential customers. To achieve this, they should go to great lengths and leverage creativity. One effective approach is to incorporate inflatable replicas of products or logos, as this can serve as a compelling way to stand out. It’s worth noting that inflatable solutions offer a wide range of possibilities beyond this example. Businesses can create promotional inflatables with Custom Inflatables in any shape that will complement the booth design and will help in terms of raising brand awareness. Plan for games and contests to engage your audience at the event. Also, market your presence through social media channels to make the visitors aware of your participation in the event.

Follow up with Prospects

Gaining and retaining a competitive edge extends beyond the event itself. You must follow up with your visitors and prospects to ensure they remember your brand even after the show is over. Not following up is risky because your competitors will definitely do it, so they are likely to get ahead in the race. Start chasing prospects with emails and calls right after the event, and be persuasive until you convert.

Build Relationships

Potential buyers prefer brands that treat them as humans instead of customers. Focusing on relationship building makes you a leader, so ditch the temptation to sell and work on connecting with the visitors. Engage your visitors with meaningful conversation, educate them about your product, and narrate your brand story. These subtle selling strategies are good enough to convert them into loyal customers in the long run.

Gaining a competitive advantage in a trade show is easier than you think. You only need to be creative, resourceful, and empathic to stand out in a crowd.

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