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How to Optimize Your Website to Get More Conversions

If you have an online store, one of your dreams might be that every person that visits your site, also buys something. Of course, having a 100% conversion rate is an impossible pipe dream since 2% is already a great number, but luckily there are ways to optimize your website so your conversion rate goes up. And some of these ways don’t even require a lot of money or coding knowledge! Read along if you’re interested in finding out how you can optimize your website even more.

1. Use HotJar to understand how customers use your website

Have you ever heard of HotJar? This is a super handy heat mapping tool that tracks how your customers browse your website. You get a good overview of which buttons they click on, which parts of the checkout process they hover over and which parts of your website they’re not interested in at all. If you for instance notice that a button on your website is ‘red’ or often hovered over, but not clickable, you can make this clickable to improve the usability of your website. With HotJar you can analyze customer behavior like never before!

2. Bring back your USP’s on every page

What makes your shop stand out from the others? Why do customers have to choose your products over the ones your competitors offer? Those are your USPs or Unique Selling Points. Free shipping is a very important USP for many customers, but to be honest: it’s not exactly unique. Do you have a customer service that for instance always answers in less than an hour? Then that’s a good USP to mention. Take a look at FMTC Safety for instance, a company that offers OPITO courses, such as the OPITO BOSIET. Their USPs are for instance that they’re fully certified and that their courses are never canceled – which is something other competitors don’t offer.

Fake a good look at your competitors so you know what they offer and where you can stand out. Once you’ve found a list of USPs that define your brand, it’s important to show them on multiple places on your website, for instance on top of every page and in the checkout process. Make sure your customers know what they can expect from your shop.

3. Offer a discount for a customer’s email address

It’s an old trick, but building a good list of email addresses that you can send all kinds of offers to, can up your conversion rate. Don’t send your customers boring emails, but make a plan so you can send them emails linked to for instance the seasons or their interests. Most mailing programs let you filter your customers based on interests, which is super handy as well. Customers don’t always like to leave their email addresses, which is why offering a ‘first time shopping’-discount might help.

4. A/B-test your checkout process

Nothing’s more annoying than seeing in Analytics customers leave your site in your checkout process. You were so close to getting a sale … Many factors can influence whether or not a customer actually buys the product. For instance, it’s possible they back out when they see your shipping costs. Or they’re looking for a payment method that you don’t offer. Make sure your checkout process is easy, short and includes everything your customers need to know. Of course, different kinds of shops can have different kinds of customers, so it’s handy to A/B-test different tweaks to your checkout process. Maybe one of your tweaks will have a big impact!

We hope our tips give you more conversions!

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