How to Run a Tech Startup with an Entirely Remote Team

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How to Run a Tech Startup with an Entirely Remote Team

There are a plethora of benefits to remote working for both employers and employees. Research shows that remote workers have less stress and are more productive. Research also shows remote working is steadily on the rise.

Hence, a remote team can be a very efficient and productive way to build a workforce. Below are some of the most efficient ways you can build a cohesive remote team and all of the perks associated with it.

Choosing the Right Remote Workers

There are a variety of challenges you need to think about when hiring remotely. Below are some of the things you should consider when building a remote team.

1. Discussing Job Roles

It is wise to have a live interview with potential candidates before you take them on remotely. Being able to see body language allows you to get a sense of how someone is feeling before they speak.

If you can, conduct live interviews, or use video conferencing to get a more accurate picture of your potential candidate.

2. Check Competencies

You can check the aptitude of your candidates using various assessment tools. Upwork and Odesk offer quizzes to test out how good candidates reported skills are. There are other sites you can also use to make sure workers are suitably qualified.

3. Time Zones and Communication

Using the Internet means you can build your remote team from people around the world. There are very talented people whatever you may look, but time zone differences can cause issues if not thought of ahead of time. Make sure someone in a different location is able to communicate with the team, especially during collaboration.

Language can also be important, as you need to be able to translate ideas fluently, which can be difficult if someone doesn’t speak the same tongue. Communication is also vital when handling formalities. Presentations are extremely helpful for remote team communication. Using eye-catching templates for PowerPoint can help create impactful and engaging remote presentations and enhance overall team collaborations. Being able to handle taxes, for example (they can use is vital.

Nurturing Your team

Once you have found the right staff to build your remote team, it’s important to make sure they feel part of something and aren’t just another cog in the system.

Here are some suggestions that you can take on board in order to have a fruitful relationship with your new team members.

1. Meaningful Connections

As humans, we are very social creatures. It is important to foster connections amongst your team and implementing processes that can bring people together can be very beneficial.

You can do this by having one-to-one meetings and creating rituals that help people learn about one another. Make sure to check in on how everyone is doing regularly and encourage them to share more about themselves and their lives.

2. Developing Team Members

Rather than just assigning your team tasks, you should endeavor to train and develop their skill sets. The advantage of having a remote team means you have funds you can allocate towards training that would usually be spent on overheads.

It is important to meet the needs and the styles of each of your workers, and helping them learn can quickly develop their personal and professional growth.

3. Culture is Important.

Having a company culture can be the difference between workers simply clocking in and out and having employees that feel part of something bigger. Having an ethos that you can implement into team meetings and other company functions is important. Embedding the core values of your company from the very start will allow everyone to be aware of what the company stands for.

The Perfect Remote Team

With the advent of technology and the internet, the field of work and employment is rapidly changing. Teams distributed around the world allow you to hire the best people, regardless of their geographical location, while still bringing high levels of satisfaction and fantastic productivity with a work-life balance.

Make note of the above tips and see if your business is able to benefit from having a remote team. Or keep browsing our blog for more ways to help keep track of your employees!

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