How Transcription Services Can Aid Your Marketing Efforts

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How Transcription Services Can Aid Your Marketing Efforts

Transcription is a service where audio is converted into a document. Transcription services are offered by transcribers who must be certified to provide accurate, readable and formalized audio transcription. The marketing industry is highly dependent on transcription services because there is so much text that needs to be transcribed. Today people use AI to transcribe their content while others use human transcribers. It’s a matter of which one works for your business and how it will help your marketing efforts. This article will show how turning audio into text can be helpful in marketing.

Fast, Easy and Affordable

Marketing is easier when you transcribe audio into a document because once the transcriber has combed through the audio, the message gains clarity. Whether it’s entertainment, marketing, communication or any other field, transcribing offers an affordable solution to organizations that want to send a message to their customer base. Marketing transcription service gives listeners a faster method of interpreting the messages. There is no need to focus on every aspect of the audio message when you have the transcribed documents.

SEO Visibility

Content is an important part of digital marketing; you need to have visible content to reach the desired audience. The search engine cannot index videos where transcribers come in to make your content visible. Transcribing your content helps you get the desired reach and expands your audience. Videos only have a title and a meta description making it challenging to compete against a blog or webpage. A transcript must be attached to your video for users to find your content through the search engine. Users will find the keywords once they search for them on the internet. You need to use relevant keywords when marketing your website or products online. People resonate with common words that attract attention from search engines used by interested parties.

User Experience

Marketers design a strategy to improve user experience to get more business from their content. To improve user experience, you need actionable transcripts at a pace. Today customers need a transcript alongside their video or audio to improve their content delivery. Language is a barrier many find hard to overcome, and translation services help people understand the content. Through transcripts, translation helps people familiarize themselves with a product or service. You could have a Spanish video advertising products and have English-translated text next to the video to appeal to English speakers and enhance their user experience. Anyone may find your content on the internet, so it’s important to include everyone in the conversation if you want a wider market reach. Your content needs to be valuable for your audience, and as a marketer, you need to make it user-friendly to achieve the goals you want.

Market Research Interviews

Marketers must be in touch with their customers to know what suits them. Businesses do their research on their customers by asking them questions through questionnaires and other forms of interaction. When analyzing the responses, companies must comb through lots of video and audio data to find relevant information that may help them improve their services. Once the marketer finds the information, the next step is to convert files to text documents so that it is searched to find valuable information. Online software produces transcripts within minutes, giving marketers a huge amount of information in a short time. That’s time saved; for all businesses, time is a commodity you cannot recover.

Cater for Your Readers

Marketing videos need an extra edge to keep viewers interested in the content. Transcripts are essential in videos because they allow customers to quickly skim through content and find the information needed. Instead of listening to the video from start to finish, you only need to read, and you can go back and clarify the vague content to fully understand the message. Video editing is also arduous because it requires time to find the perfect sound bites. The transcriber helps you find the best clips of a video, and time-coded transcripts make it even easier to find the video content you need.


Technology is a game-changer because today, many businesses and organizations have an online presence designed to help their customers access their products online. Making your content online should be one of your focuses, and through transcripts, it is now more accessible for people to find your content through search engine optimization. Subtitles have made it easier for people to bypass noise when watching a movie. Those with listening impairments have access to information. You can also learn a language using transcripts, which helps with your reading skills. By adding transcripts, the content created by organizations becomes more valuable to everyone, impaired or not. Information is accessible to everyone, and your brand stands out because it looks after its client’s needs and preferences.

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