Is Your Business Keeping up with Web 2.0?

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Is Your Business Keeping up with Web 2.0?

How effective is your business online? Could it be picking up more customers and gaining more attention? If you are not ensuring compatibility with Web 2.0, then you might be missing out on your business’ potential online.

What is Web 2.0? Generally speaking, it is the current state of the internet with all of its advances. But more specifically, it is the way the internet uses input and contributions from website visitors. The fact that much of the internet is made by people who use the sites rather than the site designers is indicative of Web 2.0. If your business does not offer user interaction or accept any kind of contributions from users, it may be falling behind the times.

Are You Allowing Comments?

One of the simplest ways to encourage user interactions and to build a community on your website is to allow users to make comments. This lets them communicate with each other, ask questions, and develop relationships with you, your employees, and each other.

There are drawbacks to adding a comment section, particularly if the kind of people who are often attracted to your business are confrontational or opinionated. You may need to have someone monitor the comment section to make sure the conversation stays civil.

Having comments on the site can bring in a lot of interaction, though, and it encourages your site visitors to stay for longer and do more on the site. That is great for site metrics, helping your business look better to Google and appeal to their algorithms so that it ranks higher and becomes easier to find.

Do You Permit User-Generated Content?

You can make your customers feel more valued by allowing them to contribute to the growth of your site. You can let them create content, images, articles, blogs, and more for your site. This won’t make sense for all business websites, but it can be a great addition to websites where those kinds of user contributions would grow the site.

Once again, you will have to regulate and monitor the kind of content that comes in. There are programs that are designed to detect unwanted material and offensive content, and they can do some of that work for you, but you also need to have people looking at user-generated content to make sure that meets the standard of your site.

Some businesses run almost entirely on user generated content, like social media platforms and forums (Reddit, for example). Consider if allowing user-generated content would be right for your business to help it grow. Users will often add a lot of value to your site and take some of the workload off of you so that there is always something new for site visitors to see. Ask yourself if it makes sense to hire people to make content for your site when your customers would be willing to do it for free.

Is Your Site User-Friendly?

A large part of the thrust of Web 2.0 is making sure that sites are designed for ease of use by the visitor. Have you considered what will make the site more functional and more accessible to your customers and site visitors? Have you thought about what they would like to see from the site and what would make their experience more enjoyable?

While the website may seem easy to use to you, how does it feel to your visitors? You might want to ask them, or you might want to hire the services of someone who designs Web 2.0 sites for a living. Get their expertise as a consultant at least and see if there are improvements that could be made. You may just discover some things that need changing to make your site better.

Take Some time to investigate your website page by page to see if it is really user friendly. A complete overhaul may be necessary, but it could be worth it as well. If you really want to go through the effort to take a typical site that is still stuck in Web 1.0 and transform it into a Web 2.0 site, then you may need to take some time out.

Las Vegas premier cleaners can pick up the slack for you, doing the cleaning that you would normally take care of, and they can take some stress off of you and make you feel less overwhelmed by all you have to get done. Try using professionals for the jobs you cannot do or the ones you don’t have time for as you revamp your site. Maybe you don’t need to take any time off, but you do need to hire someone to fix up the site for you. What we are recommending is to find people who can do the necessary tasks so that you can get your site where it needs to be as quickly as possible without interrupting your life too much or giving you too much work to do.

Did You Streamline Your Business Site?

The last aspect of Web 2.0 we want to discuss with you is about how the site is designed to be simple, obvious, and straightforward. Is there a lot of clutter on the site? You might want to get rid of it? Are there videos and ads that pop up that could distract or annoy the user? You may want to tone those down. They can also slow down the site performance, hurting your Google search engine rankings and making the site a pain to use.

Also consider how easy it is to find anything on the site. Can your users easily find contact information or get help? Can they find out your business location or get through to your social media pages through the main site? Does everything work on the site? Is there a unified color and design scheme or is it all a mess?

Ask yourself these questions and try to determine if your site measures up to the best of Web 2.0 design.

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