Naming Your Tech Company is Easy with the Right Tools

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Naming Your Tech Company is Easy with the Right Tools

Contrary to popular beliefs, naming your tech company is easy! While many struggles to find just the right name for their company, there are so many tools and guides at this time of day that make the process much easier.

Now, this doesn’t mean that the importance of your company’s name is becoming less important. It is still highly relevant and should check some crucial boxes. Let’s look at some ways to make the naming process smoother and less painful.

Find smart tools

First, there is no longer a need to do all the brainstorming yourself, because you can get a lot of inspiration from the internet. Not only is it where you can be informed on what other companies are named, but you can also use helpful tools that help you find a fitting name. One of them is a business name generator. These machines are filled with thousands of unique names for your business that will help you name your tech company. All you have to do is to enter keywords that submit your company and its value and then it starts generating name suggestions. It’s a smart and efficient tool to use!

Use brainstorming techniques

To find a name yourself, the smartest way to do it is by brainstorming. This is where you search your brain for any idea or possible name and jot it down on your computer or a piece of paper. This is a time where you need to have a divergent mindset, which means to be open to all ideas and let the creativity float. You can use different exercises like reverse brainstorming, where you look at all the names you don’t want to use, or simply write down anything that comes to mind on post-its. Eventually, you can look at your suggestions more critically, and create a list of viable names to choose from.

Choose the practical route

The naming process goes beyond what will be on your logo, you also need a domain. This is what will be the link-name online and is relevant when you want to build your website. A domain name should be the same, an abbreviation or part of your name so that you don’t confuse your customers or visitors on your site. The internet is also the key place to do marketing, and having your name be the domain is better for SEO and attention from consumers that perhaps do not know your company.

You are your name

An important thing to take into consideration is that you are your name. What you are naming your company should be a reflection of what it is and does. However, it does not mean that the name must be a description of the company or industry. Try to aim for an allusion to keep customers engaged and to not fall into the category of generic names. Also, remember where you want to sell, your new name should not be translated to something strange or offensive in another language where you potentially will have customers.

Naming your business can be tricky in some cases, but with tools and tips, the process will surely be easier!

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