Network Latency in Businesses: Meaning, Effects, and Solutions

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Network Latency in Businesses: Meaning, Effects, and Solutions

You’ve launched your business, created a brand new website, and built your online presence. Congratulations on transforming your entrepreneurial dream into reality.

But there’s one thing you might have missed. Many business owners and customers have complained about the unreliable networks in Arizona. Don’t you think that’s going to affect your business to some extent?

Network latency is something that many entrepreneurs tend to skimp on.

What is it?

Technically speaking, network latency is the amount of time it takes for a communication request to travel from one user to another. It also includes the time the receiver requires to process a communication request. The longer it takes to process the request, the higher latency you are going to experience.

And when it comes to websites, time is everything. In fact, according to technical experts, every drop of 20 milliseconds in your network might end up decreasing your website’s value to 7 to 15%. You wouldn’t want that to happen. Right?

Network latency can show up in many ways, from delayed mails, poor application performance to distorted VOIP calls. After all, the efficiency of the system depends on its network. Right?

For this, you can consult professionals who offer managed it services mesa az, who can help you take a multilayered approach to detect the hitches. This is something that can help your business steer clear of network latency.

That being said, here we have pointed out some ways how network latency can affect your business performance.

  • Compromised productivity

Imagine trying to host a remote meeting for your team, and no one is able to join in seamlessly. That’s definitely a waste of time.

Employees thrive when they have resources to show their talent, and network latency ends up compromising their productivity. Obviously, no employee can do their best with a slow or distorted network.

  • Jeopardized Reputation

This is especially true for e-commerce companies. What if your potential customers try to place an order on your website and the page is taking forever to load.

High latency, low bandwidth, and maxed throughput can cause a glitch in their customer service. This in turn, results in portal crashes which further leads to loss of sales. And no business owner would want to leave their customers unhappy.

  • High revenue loss

Today, everyone prefers online transactions. And your customers can’t make seamless transactions without reliable POS systems. And network latency might end up ruining things for your business.

Let’s do some math here. Disturbed internet plus communication hitch equals waiting hours. The total is equivalent to customers choosing your competitors, which in turn results in lost revenue.

What can you do about it?

Network latency is a loophole for businesses. And resolving hitches in communication and networking can be really costly. If your in-house IT team fails to do something about network latency, you can always consider seeking IT Help Desk Support Mesa for better results.

This means that you can outsource an IT team that has the means and knowledge to look after the problems in your network and prevent latency. It will save you so much money, time, and effort. In fact, contacting such professionals comes with added benefits as they will also look after keeping your sensitive information safe and secure.

In the end

By now, you might have understood that network latency is really not good news for your business. So, make sure that you do everything in your power to resolve the problem from its roots.

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