Non-Inventory Business Model Can Be More Cost-Effective

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Non-Inventory Business Model Can Be More Cost-Effective

Operating a business without an inventory can be cost-effective depending on the kinds of operations you will be dealing with. All your need is to connect with a production manager who will be producing the products on behalf of your firm and ship them directly to the customers.

Customers order the products from your website depending on the features that you have displayed. Then afterward, you send the specifications to the manufacturer. Therefore, running a non-inventory business can be more cost-effective because you avoid the following costs.

No Ordering Costs for Stocks

Operating a non-inventory business model will help you cut off all the ordering costs that may have been associated with the inventory type of the business. Every time you purchase a product, you have to pay ordering costs. Even though the order may be tiny, there shall always be ordering costs being involved.

In this case, you will incur shipping costs to get the inventory to your warehouse, as well as the cost of receiving the goods and conducting an inspection on the goods. In addition, selling products online without inventory requires labor costs in the ordering process. The amount paid depends on the hours spent on accounting, tracking the status of the purchase orders and communicating with vendors.

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No Carrying Costs

The carrying costs you will have to pay with the inventory type include the storage and space, taxes and insurance costs. They are costs that can rise rapidly and make your goods of less value if you keep them in the warehouses for a long period.

The cost of renting a warehouse with industrial shelving solutions for the goods depends on its location and how well-equipped it is. And with an increasing number of business activities, the cost is still going up even with modern and classic being completed every year. However, if you are operating without an inventory, you won’t have to pay these charges as your work is simplified to working on the website.

Stock-out Costs are Eliminated

Sometimes when operating on an inventory type of business, you may run out of stock when the demand is high. Stock-out costs are any lost potential sales opportunities caused by a lack of stock for a product. At some point, it may be caused by having a defective unit of stocks that you didn’t realize on time. Also, a customer may come to your site and notice that the product they are looking for is over, and then instead of waiting, they decide to buy it elsewhere.

When operating a non-inventory business, it’s very hard for the customers to notice when you are running out of stock, and you can just the ordering time a little bit as the manufacturer gets the correct materials to come up with the product that was ordered. However, you can easily predict sales patterns and liaise with the manufacturer to stock enough materials for delivery in the peak period with an online business.

You will also not experience instances whereby the products you are offering have gone to waste due to different factors such as poor storage facilities. You will have saved the money that could have been spending on purchasing another stock.

Handling Costs are Eradicated

When working with an inventory type of business, you will have to pay for the handling costs of your stock when it’s still in the warehouse. As the stock is being stored, sometimes different products need to be checked regularly to ensure that they are in safe conditions.

On the other hand, others require it to be opened often during the day for an adequate supply of air to prevent them from going to waste. In this case, you will have to incur the cost of handling equipment together with the labor.

When operating a non-inventory model, you won’t have to pay for all these expenses, and you will save your money for other tasks like expanding your business. In addition, you will get your share as per the agreement with the manufacturer, and nothing will affect your finances when such situations happen.

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