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9 Best Online Proposal Software

Businesses in all fields are trying to implement the paperless concept. Nearly all kinds of physical business documents can be replaced with e-documents, including the proposal. Speaking of proposal, there are even tools that are designed specifically to write proposals.

Commonly, people use word processors like Microsoft Word or WPS Writer to write a business proposal and send the finished proposal manually via email. We don’t say it is the wrong way. But, if there is a better alternative, why not trying it?

If you mainly rely on proposals to gain clients, adopting a proposal software is a great idea. Not only a proposal software can help you create a more attractive business proposal, but you can also use it as an integrated sales tool. Most proposal software allow you to accept payment once the proposal is agreed and signed.

Here are some of the best online proposal software.

1. Decktopus

Decktopus is a next-generation, smart, and easy-to-use business proposal and presentation creation tool that allows users to create good-looking, and living documents in no time.

Decktopus allows you to share your business proposal template live, or you can also choose to embed the presentation on your website.

Decktopus has over 100,000 users worldwide. Decktopus is climbing the stairs in becoming the fastest and most engaging business proposal & presentation creation tool for no-code creators and busy professionals or anyone who wants to share their know-how!

Highlighted Features of Decktopus are:

  • Collecting leads and data easily
  • Embedding pages to your slides
  • Ready to use slides and design
  • Collaborate with teammates
  • Share or embed your presentation/proposal on your website
  • Add contact & feedback forms
  • Add videos, & price tables
  • Add image lists, timelines, and many more!
  • Soon, coming the “e-signature” feature

All you need to bring is your content, close the deal within the presentation with Decktopus!

2. Indy

Proposals are one of the most important elements of business, especially for freelancers who often have to bid for projects in a highly competitive market. A high-quality proposal is sure to impress clients and can often be the difference between getting the job and losing it. Indy‘s one-stop freelancer platform offers freelancers and small business owners everything they need to streamline all business organizational and financial aspects.

The specialized proposals feature allows users to generate professional invoices and add branded insignia and logos for added professionalism and eye-catching design. Create new proposals from scratch or explore the various templates on offer.

The intuitive proposal tool offers various features, including estimates, e-signature, images, timelines, and embedded links.

Key Features

  • Existing proposal templates
  • Create proposals from scratch
  • Add branded logos and graphics
  • Work on various proposals at once
  • Integrate with the online calendar tool and time tracker
  • Track draft proposals, send proposals and accept proposals
  • Add an e-signature

3. Better Proposals

As the name suggests, Better Proposals can help you create a better proposal. While you can create a proposal from scratch, this tool offers ready-to-use templates to save you time in creating a proposal. Each template is designed specifically according to the theme of the associated proposal. For instance, there is a proposal template to offer a design service, in which the content has been tailored for such a need (design service offer). Each template is editable in case you want to add more content.

Better Proposal itself comes with an intuitive proposal editor, pretty similar to WordPress’s Gutenberg. In addition to text, you can also add image, video, pricing table to a signature field. Better Proposals has a large support with third-party tools, including Stripe and PayPal to allow you to accept payment. You can also integrate Better Proposals with CRM software for better communication with clients. Here are some key features offered by Better Proposals.

  • Analytics and Notifications
  • Digital Signatures
  • Customizable ‘Thank you’ messages
  • Branding (custom domain, remove Better Proposal badge)
  • Templates
  • Third-party integrations

Better Proposals offers a 14-day trial version to allow you to figure out the offered features.

4. Qwilr

If you need a proposal software to work with your team, Qwilr is one of the tools we strongly recommend. You can use this proposal software to work on a proposal with your team members. Overall, the features offered by Qwilr are not much different from Better Proposals. Qwilr also has large integration supports with popular third-party services such as Stripe, HubSpot, Slack and so on. Personally, we love the editor interface of Qwilr.

The proposal editor of Qwilr has a very clean look. It has a block-based concept, pretty similar to the editor of Better Proposals, but with a cleaner look. You can add things like a quote, video, image, and a signature field. In addition, the Qwilr proposal editor also allows you to embed content from third-party tools like Paperform, Google Forms, Typefrm, Slideshare, Calendly, and so on. Qwilr also offers templates. Here are the key features offered by Qwilr.

  • Collaboration
  • Analytics and notifications
  • Third-party integrations
  • Branding (custom domain, remove Qwilr badge)
  • Templates
  • Security (password protection, time limits, view limits, verification)

You can also try Qwirl for free during the 14-trial period.

5. Proposify

Proposify is a great tool to add new ammunition to your sales team. This proposal software comes with a built-in client management feature to allow you to add potential clients to the software. Once done creating a new proposal, you can simply add a client from the existing list and effortlessly send the proposal. Proposify also has a great proposal management feature, allowing you to manage your proposals in folders. You can use Proposify for both personal use and team use.

Proposify also has an intuitive enough proposal editor so you don’t have to spend too much time to learn how to use it. Before sending your finished proposal to your client, you can check it first by sending a test email to your email address. When creating a proposal, you can add elements like a quote or an e-signature field. The following are the key features of Proposify.

  • Analytics and notifications
  • Client management
  • Third-party integrations
  • Built-in proposal management
  • Workspace
  • Client input forms

Proposify also offers a 14-day trial so you can try it first before deciding to be a paid user.

6. Bidsketch

You can also use Bidsketch every time you need to create a new business proposal. While you can send the finished proposal in the HTML format, you can also export the proposal document in a PDF format. Bidsketch can be used whether by individuals or by teams. Bidsketch offers a variety of features depending on the plans you use. Standard features like e-signature field and analytics are available. Bidsketch also offers a 14-day trial, but you need to enter your credit card information.

Key features:

  • Unlimited proposals for all plans
  • Unlimited clients for all plans
  • Analytics
  • E-signature
  • Custom domain

7. Nusii

Nusii is an online proposal software that you can use whether for personal use or team. Overall, the features offered by Nusii are not much different from other software above. Not all plans have the same features, though. Freelancer plan, for instance, doesn’t allow you to create a custom domain. There is also no integration available on this plan. Standard features like templates, analytics, notifications, the ability to convert the proposal into a PDF format are also available. You can actually try Nusii for free for 14 days, but providing credit card information is required.

Key features:

  • Custom domain (not available in Freelancer plan)
  • Digital e-Signing
  • Integrations (not available in Freelancer plan)
  • Analytics and notifications

8. Proposable

Proposable is an online proposal software that is designed specifically for team use. There is no plan for personal use. Even so, you can also use it without adding a team member in case you love the features offered by Proposable and want to use it for your personal needs. Proposable has one thing in common with Proposify in which it has a handy proposal manager features, allowing you to store your proposals into folders. In addition, this tool also has a built-in contact manager which you can use to manage your clients’ contacts.

To enhance the functionality of Proposable, you can install add-ons. There are 8 add-ons available on the Proposabale settings menu. They are all CMR tools such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive. Proposable also allows you to add a quote, signature field, image, and video to your proposal. Here are the key features offered by Proposable.

  • Analytics
  • Built-in e-signature
  • Sales content library
  • Approval controls
  • Collaboration tools

You can try Proposable for free for 14 days without providing your credit card information.

9. PandaDoc

You can also use PandaDoc to create a business proposal online. Integration with a CRM tool is required before you can use this tool. Some CRM tools offered by PandaDoc are HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Insightly, and Microsoft Dynamics. PadaDoc offers plans for individuals and teams. Same as 6 tools above, PandaDoc also offers a 14-trial to allow you to figure the offered features. No credit card information is required, but you will be asked to enter your phone number before being able to use the trial version.

Key features.

  • Proposal templates
  • Real-time notifications
  • Third-party integrations

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