Online Reputation Management: The Key to Build a Positive Image!

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Online Reputation Management: The Key to Build a Positive Image!

Nowadays, online reputation determines how people perceive your business. For example – various techniques help in taking your search engine ranking upwards. This is important as the top results often get more than 66% of the clicks. It is not only about managing the content but also managing the negative reviews and encouraging happy clients to come up with positive feedback. With your blogs, social media, and ultimately your communication strategies, you can help the consumers to make them understand what they are looking for. Managing an online reputation is a long process. You cannot expect the results overnight, but the rewards will surely be commendable in the long run.

A Quick Fact Check!

As per research where US recruiters and HR professionals were surveyed, nearly 85% of them said that a positive online reputation impacts their hiring decisions to some extent. Approximately half of them said that a strong online reputation influences their decisions to a great extent.

Nearly 90% of the adults said yes when asked if it is difficult to eliminate inaccurate information about them online.

Looking at the above facts, you must be curious to know how you can build an effective online reputation to suit your business needs. So let us get started with it!

Monitoring the brand reputation – Do you often keep a check on what people think about your brand? Even if you are not actively maintaining your virtual presence, your potential customers might still be searching for information about your organization.

Assessing the brand reputation will help you to know whether your image is positive or not. To deal with this, there are many brand monitoring tools that you can utilize. These tools make you aware of your online content articles, social media channels, or forums to get a perspective of what the public is saying about your product. You can also see the negative comments and take steps to protect your brand image. With these tools, you can set up a notification system. Moreover, as per, with the help of data mapping, you can get real-time insights to drive brand positioning and engagement. Hence, good web monitoring is a make-it or break-it factor.

Strong digital marketing content – In the global world of SEO and social media, many brands are heading towards the SEO and digital marketing teams. Why are they doing so? With this, they can not only gain new customers but retain the existing ones.

Many top brands integrate social media with digital marketing to boost their user engagement. To do this, it is imperative that you produce top-quality content as people share the strong content more often, thereby leading to improvement in the reputation. Nearly 70% of marketers actively invest in content marketing. Hence, you must include strong digital marketing content like blogs, social media, videos, and visuals to build your online reputation.

Provide answers to every request – It is essential that you treat your clients and customers with full respect. Politely reply to every message or review. If someone is not satisfied with your company or a brand, politely ask them the reasons. With humble answers, you can avoid conflicts.

Similarly, do not ignore the positive feedback. Make full use of these good reviews and share them on all social media platforms. It acts as proof of the quality of your services. Before answering any request or feedback, ensure that you have enough time. Writing in hassle can worsen the situation.

Encourage reviews – It is always good to include the space on your website for reviews and opinions of the clients as the reviews directly impact the sale. You may be surprised to know that approximately 88% of the customers treat online reviews the same as they would treat personal recommendations. Moreover, reviews produce on an average 18% upliftment in sales.

Encourage your customers to express their feelings. Providing them the opportunity to speak up helps in win-win situations in customer engagement. In fact, many companies tell their employees to ensure that the consumers are engaged, mainly the loyal ones. These employees give the answers to the customers in a very professional manner. This satisfies the customers, and ultimately, they build a strong relationship with the company.

To sum it all up

Maintaining an online presence and reputation is like maintaining a relationship. It is trickier to manage an online presence with thousands of people. Focus on what people think about your organization, their feedback, observe your competitors, and be reliable. It doesn’t sound easy but definitely worth it if you put in a little effort. If you encounter challenges related to public records affecting your online reputation, find out how to get a public record removed for a smoother digital presence.

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