The Proper Guide to Amazon Keywords Research

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The Proper Guide to Amazon Keywords Research

There are over 3 billion stocks that are found on Amazon. That alone is a massive competition, and you may be wondering how your brand or product stands out. Simpleunique, enticing, and optimize product keywords for search engines to rank them up and above the rest.

It can truly be intimidating for some newcomers and digital entrepreneurs when we talk about keyword research or optimize SEO. These essential aspects are the key to success if you want your eCommerce biz to increase sales and generate a higher conversion rate. While it’s not plain easy, it’s feasible, and once you’ve mastered the process of keyword research and its outstanding benefits, you’re an unstoppable top-rated successful Amazon seller.

Why Amazon Keyword Search is Important

To succeed, you need an ultimate guide when it comes to product keyword research to use on your product listings. Besides top-notch tools such as the Jungle Scout Chrome extension, you can optimize keyword research and efficiency to drive traffic into your Amazon product listings and improve your conversion rate.

While there are tons of new words you’ve never encountered before, it’s vital to follow this guide for you to effectively use the best keywords that rank and stand out from the competition.

Amazon is not just a platform for you to shop on almost anything you have in mind (which, by the way, offers virtually anything you need), but it’s also a massive search engine. Amazon generates money when you find a relevant product and buys it, and yes, Amazon is feeding your feed for more relevant products from your previous searches or purchase. It optimizes its search engine nature of enticing your interest and you coming back for more.

Amazon keyword search is all about finding the best keywords that you can use with your product listings, which are relevant to the items that you offer and what most shoppers are using when searching for the products that they need or want to purchase. After doing comprehensive research, you can add these keywords strategically with your product listings and optimize their SEO for them to rank higher on searches.

  • One of the reasons you need to optimize and use perfect keywords for your product is to be on top of the competition, always. With excellent and optimized Amazon SEO, your products have a higher potential to rank on search results and make than the first choice for shoppers after a query is made.
  • Using the right keywords gives your product a boost to be on top of the competition and search, which leads to a higher conversion rate and better sales statistics. Imagine your stock is always on the top-recommended page; a buyer doesn’t need to scroll down for more options and makes your product an instant choice.

Ultimate Guide For Keyword Research for Amazon

To effectively research the perfect Amazon keywords for your product listings, here’s what you need to do.

Find The Perfect Seed Keyword

The first process is to generate at least four to five seed keywords that describe your product. For the rest of the keywords, checking for synonymous terms, people may describe the product or item you are selling. Optimize the description page with all the possible relevant keywords that would work.

If you are learning this process and want to get the most of the first five seed-keywords, check the competition or the top-ranking products to give you an idea of what to put. You can also create a reverse ASIN research on the said products and check what keywords these products are ranking for. It will provide you relevant searches from high-traffic generating keywords you can use on your product listings.

Generate A Broader Keyword List/Reach

After deciding on your chosen seed keyword, use them in building long-tail keywords of prospective keywords to use in your product listings.

  1. Use the suggestions from Amazon searches
  2. Check Google (search engine) rankings
  3. Use a top-notched keyword tool
  4. Use complementary items

Insert The Right Keywords In Your Amazon Product Listings

Once you’ve included keywords that you prefer to rank on your Amazon product listings, place them properly to provide a significant impact on searches and help rank your listings higher. Place them on the product title, description, bullet points, and Amazon’s back-end keyword field.

When keywords are placed on these areas, the product has a higher potential to rank and be on top of the competition.

Keep Updating, Improving, And Analyzing Your Keywords

Just because you’ve placed your keywords on the best stop doesn’t mean your work is done. It’s vital to keep improving, updating, and analyzing your keywords from time to time to generate more traffic and improve your conversion rate.


While there are tons of powerful tools to help you heighten your digital store and provide SEO optimized keywords, it’s essential to review your keyword selections systematically. That way, you’ll ascertain which one is generating the most transactions or driving organic traffic to the product listing pages.

Amazon does not offer simplicity nor complex methods but improving your strategy allows you to attract more buyers to your product listing or pages. These guides will enable you to optimize keyword searches and help your product be on top of the competition for a higher success rate.

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