Selling on Amazon vs. eBay in 2022: Which is Better?

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Selling on Amazon vs. eBay in 2022: Which is Better?

In this current age, eCommerce sellers are able to decide where they’d like to go about selling their products – whether that be Amazon, eBay, Etsy etc.

Out of all of the platforms, however, Amazon and eBay are two of the top-performing platforms out there.

So, how do you know which platform would be the best for you?

Fulfillment Methods on Amazon vs. eBay

With eBay, there’s only one choice when it comes to fulfillment – packing and shipping orders on your own or getting a third-party fulfillment centre to assist you with the packing and shipping.

With Amazon, however, you’ve got two options. The first is to fulfill orders yourself, and the second is to get Amazon to assist you with fulfilling orders.

If you’re someone that doesn’t want to run all aspects of the business yourself, that second option that Amazon provides – also known as Amazon FBA, can really take a significant portion of work off your hands.

Amazon FBA not only assists with storing your products, but it’ll also do everything from picking to packing and shipping your products for you. In addition, Amazon FBA can also save you money in the long run.

Amazon Prime Subscription

When comparing eBay to Amazon, another feature that eBay doesn’t have is Amazon Prime. While you might be thinking that this probably benefits shoppers more than it benefits you, that isn’t quite the case.

Since Amazon has Amazon Prime, it also has a dedicated customer base that’s more likely to purchase from Amazon than any other provider. Loyal prime members are also more likely to purchase products from Amazon during holidays such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Types of Products to Sell on Amazon vs. eBay?

What about the types of products that you can sell on Amazon vs. eBay? Well, with eBay, you can not only sell products there, but eBay also doesn’t restrict what can be sold on the website. What that means is that you can virtually sell anything – barring illegal products of course.
What this means is that customers tend to go to eBay if they’re looking for second-hand goods. Since eBay has an auction model, it’s great when it comes to selling used items, allowing customers to purchase second-hand goods at competitive prices.

With Amazon, you can buy used products, but its model focuses on selling new products. Unlike eBay, Amazon also doesn’t have an auction model.

What About Fees?

When it comes to costs incurred, eBay fees are lower than that of Amazon. For eBay, the fees you’ll have to pay include insertion fees, final value fees, payment processing fees and optional listing upgrade fees.

With Amazon, the fees will differ depending on the product that you’re selling and the fulfilment method that you’ve chosen. Overall, however, eBay still has lower fees than that of Amazon.

Amazon or eBay? Which One?

Now that you’ve got an idea of the differences between the two, you’ll hopefully have a better idea of which platform you’d like to go about selling your products. Both platforms come with their own benefits, and it really depends on what you’d like to achieve.

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