7 Shopify Marketing Strategies to Build a 6 Figure Business

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7 Shopify Marketing Strategies to Build a 6 Figure Business

Shopify is, without any doubt, the clear leader in online shopping. It is one of the world’s top eCommerce platforms with a 32% market share in the United States.

An estimated 2.4 billion people shopped online in 2021. Additionally, e-commerce sales will account for 21.8% of worldwide retail sales by 2024. These numbers will continue to increase and the reality is that shortly, online shopping might be the only option.

Since the emergence of the internet, the retail sector has undergone significant change. E-commerce has become an essential component of the global retail framework. This is because of the ongoing digitalization.

Consumers from every country today enjoy the advantages of online transactions.

About Shopify Marketing

Shopify marketing is a technique for attracting new consumers. It also improves brand awareness, keeps existing customers, and boosts consumer trust. Ultimately, a good marketing approach to promote your Shopify brand will increase sales.

This article will explain what Shopify’s marketing strategy entails. You will also discover tactics for growing a six-figure Shopify business. If you wan to learn from experts, hire them at this SEO in AZ firm.

7 Shopify Marketing Tips

Let’s look at some Shopify marketing tactics for growing a six-figure business.

1. Explore Shopify In-Store Marketing Tools

This involves learning and utilizing the many app extensions made available on Shopify.

Personalized Recommendation Systems

There are many methods for generating helpful product recommendations. One of the many methods is Shopify personalization. It provides personalized product recommendations. It suggests different products to each person based on prior purchases and browsing patterns.

Personalizing your clients’ shopping experiences is important. Offering items related to them will also help improve their shopping experience.

A personalized shopping experience means you’ll spend less trying to make consumers buy. Furthermore, it increases your chances of making good sales and producing a larger income. Unfortunately, many businesses are not aware of this simple fact. As a result, using product recommendation systems in their store is not regular. That is if they even consider it at all.

Product recommendations are a section on your product pages. You can change the design of your product suggestions. This includes the title, price, seller, and a brief description. Otherwise, you can hide them from your product pages.

A product page can only contain one product recommendation section at a time.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Sometimes, people add products to their carts but never remember to buy them. That is cart abandonment. When this occurs, you must retrieve the carts. This may be by sending automatic reminders via web push. You can also use email, SMS, or even Facebook Messenger.

2. SEO Content Strategy That Works

Your front page and product pages must be SEO-optimized to appear in search results. They must be well-optimized with relevant keywords. Employing keywords that your consumers are searching for is vital for online visibility.

Also, make your offers more appealing by using interesting videos. Finally, write informative product pages and descriptions. These are a few SEO ideas for optimizing your store. Create a content strategy to educate your new audience and train yourself to be a thought leader in your sector.

Also, you can keep a schedule for publishing blogsā€”a content calendar on how to address your customer’s pain point and provide solutions.

3. Leverage User-Generated Content

There are several methods for maintaining consistency in the publication of web content. One approach is to use user-generated material.

UGC, or user-generated content, can take the shape of text, photographs, or video.
Consumers who have utilized your items can do reviews. Social media may be a valuable tool for gathering this information. Other methods include quiz responses and criticisms, consumer product evaluations, and polls.

The consumer gives you information that will help you market your online shop. You may also track what they need and how they feel about a specific product.

By using this method, you create good relationships with customers and boost sales.

4. Leverage the Social Media

In this digital era, social media is a tremendous marketing tool. Your consumers are on social media. Shopify has made it simple to include social networking apps in your business.

If you update them on social media, customers will desire to buy your items. Remember that individuals visit social media accounts more often than websites.

Here are some social media measures you may take to promote your shop.

  • Post your items on Pinterest
  • Add a shoppable Instagram button
  • TikTok is a great place to share brand-related content
  • Make a Facebook shop for your product

These actions have the potential to convert your followers and viewers into consumers.

5. Community Marketing

People confuse social media marketing and community marketing. The latter entails creating a community around your items. For example, it might be Telegram channels or groups and Facebook or WhatsApp groups. YouTube channels, Discord channels, and subreddits are other examples.

You may discuss your items and their benefits on these sites. It will also keep you in close contact with your consumers.

6. Promotional Sales

These are activities designed and undertaken with the sole aim of increasing sales.

You can create fun activities where your customers can also earn while buying. That can be through signing up to gain points, buying and getting gift sales, referral programs, etc.

Promotional sales bring awareness to your business, create an in-demand environment for your products, and present rewards for buying to your customers. Because everybody loves rewards, it ends up increasing sales.

7. Influencer Marketing

Shout-outs, endorsements, and partnership from experts in other fields with large followership on social media is a big flex for any business.

An estimated 53 out of every 100 people make purchases because of social media influencers. The influencer market is predicted to grow by $15 billion. This is simply due to the effectiveness of the marketing style.

Some people would want to buy your product but for various reasons. One reason may be that they are waiting for an acknowledgment. It may be from their favorite social media influencer or authority.

Collaborating with other influencers will build your reputation. You may use this to instill trust in your potential clients. People will buy more from you when they see a popular person use your product.

Bonus Tip

Too many applications on your online store may lead to a cluttered web page. As a result, it will take longer to load a fully-functional webpage. Decluttering your business page will assist in speeding-up loading time.

A fast website experience will also make customers want to come back to buy more.

Selling quality products is another easy way to make your customers come back for more. It makes your store outstanding. People will always refer to where they got real value for their money.

All this can be overwhelming. Experiment with several tactics to see what works best for you. Take note of the ones that provide immediate results and replicate them.

Bottom Line

A well-thought-out marketing plan for your Shopify store is very important. With these eight tips, you should be able to maximize the business potential of your store. Start earning those dreams six figures!

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