8 Signs That Your Business Must Invest In Network Upgrade

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8 Signs That Your Business Must Invest In Network Upgrade

Every business needs to invest in an IT network to run its operations optimally. But business networking requires much more than a “set and forget” approach. As your business grows, you need to assess the networking requirements to understand where the current system lacks and how you can address the gaps. Accordingly, network updates become a necessity when you require to scale up or simply when the existing system becomes outdated. Timely upgrades become all the more important because network traffic increases with the passage of time. Not being capable to handle the traffic can spell major trouble for your business. Therefore, you must be vigilant about the signs which indicate that your business needs a network upgrade sooner rather than later. Here are some signs that you should watch out for.

Sign #1: Slow system speed

As your business grows and evolves with time, the strain on the server increases. There is more information on it and a greater number of people need to access it. Further, it may not have the right requirements needed to run the current software applications. Together, these factors can slow down the server to a considerable extent. Gradually, as the burden on the server increases, it may not be able to run at an acceptable speed. Once you reach the point where the server speed slows down, you should opt for an upgrade immediately.

Sign #2: Complex business processes

Another sign that you cannot overlook is the growing complexity of business operations. Obviously, your network will have to work harder to support complex business processes and the current configurations may not be good enough. Imagine having a hybrid system that requires you to take several steps only do carry out a simple operation like placing an order. It will be sheer wastage of time and effort. Why not just have a single, efficient platform to automate the everyday processes! A timely network upgrade is just the right thing to do.

Sign #3: Low employee productivity

Staying with an outdated network just because you are used to it will not do you any good. In fact, it may be a major cause of the employees losing their productivity. Consider how the employees rate your network infrastructure and whether they think that it is slowing them down. If they say that the system is hindering their work, you should not think twice about investing in an upgrade. Even though you need to spend on upgrading, the investment will give you good returns in the form of high employee productivity.

Sign #4: Security concerns

If you think that you could have a more secure business network, now is the time to upgrade. Cyber threats are becoming more common than ever. To make things worse, they are more targeted and sophisticated as well. An outdated IT infrastructure increases your risks manifold. You can avail of reliable IT services from MyTek to beef up your network security. This is a factor that you must not compromise because data security matters the most to keep your business running seamlessly. Moreover, it ensures customer trust in the long run because the security of their information matters the most to them.

Sign #5: Falling behind the competition

Falling behind your competition is another indication that you should not wait for upgrading your network. After all, you cannot afford to lose your customers just because your systems are unable to meet their expectations. Additionally, your current infrastructure may not be able to match with vendors who are moving to more powerful and modern systems. Holding on to outdated systems is the worst thing to do when the rest of the world is pacing ahead. If you feel that you are not able to stay ahead, now is the time to get an upgrade.

Sign #6: Excessive maintenance requirements

When you introduce new technologies, the older infrastructure experiences strain and need more attention. As a result, the maintenance requirements start running high. This is not going to help because your IT managers will have to give a lot of time and effort to maintenance work. Rather than troubleshooting problems, they should focus on improvements and innovation. It is possible only if you upgrade your system and not just invest in maintaining the older one. An upgrade, therefore, definitely makes a smarter choice as you spend your money in the right place.

Sign #7: Application fears

One of the most important reasons for upgrading your IT networks is to support the innovative applications that you need to embrace. Obviously, you would not want to miss out on growth opportunities just because you have an obsolete system. With an upgrade, you can easily move to powerful tools and computing environments that have the potential to modernize your business. So you should not fear new applications just because you think that they can crash your existing network. Simply, opt for an upgrade and you take your business to the next level!

Sign #8: Fear of failure and downtime

Another sign that you should not ignore is the fear of failure and downtime. When you run an age-old system, you are always apprehensive that it may crash at any point in time. A failure or downtime can be a big setback for any business because it is hard to recover. Even a few hours of downtime can have your business losing on revenues and reputation. Why not just upgrade your systems rather than always live in the fear of suffering from a crash? Moreover, running an outdated infrastructure can elevate your power bills. An upgrade would be the best thing to do in such an event.

Now that you know the signs that you should look out for, you will be in a better position to understand when the right time to upgrade is. Even if you don’t notice these signs and indications, you should still consider upgrading after a certain period of time. Having the latest IT infrastructure is beneficial for your business and you should prioritize it in any case.

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