Tech Tips and Tricks for Start-Up Businesses and Freelancers

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Tech Tips and Tricks for Start-Up Businesses and Freelancers

The world has gone online and in the coming years, it will remain so. The online world provides us the safety and comfort of our own home while also giving us the freedom and mobility of working all around the world. It can be a great opportunity for small businesses and startups to take off. Businesses and startups can use technology to better their services and have a solid footing in the business world if they use it smartly and to the best of their abilities.

A lot of startups do not totally capitalize on the prospect of online growth which is quite a waste, if I say so myself. So, we are going to give you some very easy and simple tech tips to get you started that will help your business grow if you are a start-up business owner or a freelancer. In addition, if you are a freelancer who wants to know the most in-demand freelancing skills so that you can incorporate these to your existing skills, then you might want to consider getting help from the experts like edumanias.

Start a blog

The best tech tip for any new startup or business is to carve out space for themselves on the internet. And the best way to do it is by starting and running a blog for your business. This way you can create topical authority in your niche and field as well as create awareness for your brand and products. A digital blog can help your business or startup grow exponentially.

Use productivity apps

Now that you know the importance and intricacies of running a business blog, you probably want to do it right. The best tech practice for blog development is updating consistently and creating engaging content.

Now, you can do everything by the book and your blog still runs the risk of being a hit or miss. The key here is getting the timing right. For your blog to be a running success, you need to understand when you get the most audience traction and what is the best time to publish a blog post.

All of that might seem way too hectic or complex for you to manage all on your own. That’s where the tech comes in. Use productivity and insight apps that can monitor your blog and social media and tell you when you should be uploading to get maximum traction.

Use social media channels to promote your product

Social Media is the prime marketing tool these days. A good 73% of the US population is using some form of social media right now. If you do not expand into that customer space, you are greatly missing out.venture into the saturated space of Social Media and advertise your product. People on social media are visually influenced. Try creating video ads and interesting graphic images to promote and create awareness about your brand and your product to gain a young impressionable customer base.

Use social media management apps

The world of social media can be confusing and crazy when you first venture in. There are so many media channels, so much timing to keep in mind, different content for different media channels, overall it can be pretty overwhelming.

That is why you shouldn’t have to do it all by yourself. Use tech.

There are tons of social media management apps available that you can use to create content and manage the publishing of the contents on a variety of social media channels at the same time. Some social media management apps even allow you to reply to your customer’s queries through the apps so you don’t have to juggle through 5 or 6 different social media accounts.

Dive into E-mail marketing

You know marketing has been around the clock for the longest time it has stood the test of time because it is useful. Have a feature on your blog that allows the reader to input their email for subscription and send them newsletters whenever you launch a new product or publish new content. Keep your customer in the loop. This helps in grabbing more leads and increasing your conversion rate.

Project Management apps to save time

Project management is hectic no matter what kind of business you are handling. To coordinate amongst the teams and to get everyone on board is a strenuous activity. Especially if you are a remote working team.

That is why we suggest project management apps.

You can plan out your projects, add a timeline, set due dates, and checklists for all your employees to check and maintain so you get the optimal delivery and transparency when everything is being handled without stress.

Online Invoice System

When you sell your products online or market them online you definitely have to have an online payment method and online payment methods can be very expensive with all the details and dual-ended encoding. Try an online invoicing system. This keeps the transparency going for you and your customer while also providing you the ease of access and keep your customer comfortable and happy. Many free invoice template systems online let you invoice your customers faster and keep track of every payment and transaction.


And there you have it. Those are some of our best tech tips that we recommend all new budding businesses follow for maximum growth and output in the short shortest amount of time possible. If you follow these tips and tricks, growth is sure to come. You just have to keep going at it with consistency and be smart about the tech tips and tricks that you use. We wish you all the best on your journey!

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