Take Your Sales Rocket a Notch Higher with Online Growth Hacking!

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Take Your Sales Rocket a Notch Higher with Online Growth Hacking!

Whether you are a newbie business owner or an experienced e-commerce player, there’s one goal on every business’s vision board – increasing sales.

And now that we are in a digital era, prioritizing online sales is crucial more than ever. But it’s not as easy as it seems.

That’s where drafting a concrete and customized sales funnel can help boost your online sales. You’ll be surprised to know that growth hacking is one of the techniques getting a lot of traction lately in the business world. Now, what exactly is growth hacking, and how it can help with your sales funnel.

Growth hacking’s sole purpose is to execute every strategy and implement every tool with a desire for growth. The strategy is flexible in nature. This means that anyone from a multinational corporation to a startup can leverage growth hacking tricks while launching their sales rockets.

With uncompromising targets, restricted budgets, and fierce competition, the digital world is a battleground where business owners are struggling really hard to sustain their businesses. If you are looking forward to taking your sales rocket a notch higher, here are some growth hacking tactics for you.

Use Ad Extensions for Targeted Links

It’s a well-known fact that ad extensions are one of the best ways to flourish your business’s ads on search engines. Such extensions help you add pertinent details to attain maximum click-through rates. The best part is that these extensions make your ad stand out amongst other basic ones. You should know that online advertising is much more than just a minimal copy, a URL, and a headline. Ad extensions let you generate an interactive and robust ad for your business.

You can also add some extras that can help in tracking your business ad. For instance, you can go for Sitelink extensions. It allows you to see additional links to your site located below the base ad copy.

Or you can go for Call extensions that allow you to add certain clickable numbers to your search ad. And if you want to feature third-party reviews in your ad, you can go for Review extensions.

Use Content Upgrade Offers to Feed Your Funnel

Content marketing has the ability to deliver new and authentic leads to your e-commerce business. It supports your business and tries to build positive relationships with your prospects.

That’s precisely what you need to strengthen the sales funnel of your business. Speaking of …

If you have no idea about what’s a sales funnel and how you can use it for the conversion rate, it’s better to discuss it with your Digital Marketing Consultant or industry experts. They’ll tell you everything about it and use different strategies to generate authentic leads for your business.

Merging content upgrades with sales funnels will help with missing conversions. It will also help in enticing customers who might not feel attracted to your offers. It won’t be wrong to say that it’s a tried and tested method that helps in generating quality leads for your business.

You can have the same by developing and promoting a unique content upgrade on each post you create for your business.

Generate Buzz and Traffic with Strategic Giveaways

Running a giveaway is definitely a perfect way to shower some limelight on your brand. It generates quality leads for the business and helps in getting an influx of relevant subscribers that become the ultimate customers. Not to mention that giveaways will also help in creating a trust factor amongst your audience.

But there’s a catch. Giveaways will work to your advantage only if you handle them properly.

Having said that, instead of going for big-ticket items such as iPad or iPhone, go for something relevant to your brand, products, or services.

For instance, go for sample products, reward-based incentives, promo codes, or free introductory products to grab your potential customer’s attention.

Try to Create Urgency for Your Products and Services

Look at it this way; nobody wants to miss out on something that’s new and trending. In fact, a recent study confirms that around 56% of consumers are so afraid to miss out on important stuff that they try to keep a close check on their social network.

It would be best if you leveraged the same fear of missing out or FOMO to boost your sales. The spark for urgency in your potential audience can be developed with the help of contests, limited-time promotions, and content offers. Let’s take an example of a famous e-commerce player, Amazon.

The business experts use the same tactic by adding countdowns on some products. They actually entice their customers to purchase their products within a specific timeframe to avail certain perks such as free delivery or discounts.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to run vast ad campaigns to create urgency for your products and services. You can simply spur the audience to check out by adding timers and deadlines on your products and services. If it worked for Amazon, it might work for your business too.

Collaborate with Influencers

Thanks to social media, there are influencers in about every industry. They are online celebs that are responsible for creating trends and buzz. Not to mention that people actually turn to influencers to seek advice and information about certain products. It’s another way of boosting brand awareness.

Let’s not ignore the fact that more than 74% of consumers rely on influencers and word-of-mouth to make their purchase decisions.

So, you can actually use influencer marketing to your advantage. It’s similar to a word-of-mouth marketing campaign; the only difference is that you have access to a huge pool of potential customers.

Suppose you own an online makeup store. In that case, you can collaborate with a makeup influencer to do two to three makeup tutorials using only your products.

Final Words

There are millions of e-commerce stores, and every single one of them is trying hard to strengthen its growth curve. From referrals to marketing campaigns, each growth hack will bring authentic leads to your business. And that will ultimately take your sales rocket a notch higher.

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