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Today’s industry trends are all pointing towards some conventional factors that have already been around for ages. Most of the start-ups are either for hotel booking, or for food delivery, and some are even for scrutinizing your health status. What the market of today needs is a disruptive business idea that is so innovative that it blows the competition out of the park. And as a young entrepreneur who is just starting his work in the current business landscape, you can achieve this marvelous innovation and build a start-up like no other.

In this article, we will talk about what an ‘innovative and disruptive business idea’ truly means. We will get into the details of why you need a product innovation strategy to break into today’s competitive market. And we will also discuss the tips using which you can come up with such ideas. By the end of this article, you will be well-versed with the knowledge of how to formulate a business plan for a unique start-up that can survive the test of time and become the first of its kind in today’s industry where a million start-ups are coming up each year.

What is Meant by a ‘Disruptive and Innovative Business Idea’?

Creating an entrepreneurial venture in today’s age and era is not an easy task. There are already so many start-ups popping up all over the world that you must have a mysterious ‘x factor’ that sets your idea apart from all others in the market. Your disruptive idea should create a new industry for itself where more and more people with varied skill sets will get work opportunities.

Hence, a disruptive business idea is one that none of the previous entrepreneurs have ever thought of. Your idea can make a unique industry for itself if it can stand out to the purchasers and address some fundamental problem that they usually face but have not yet found the solution to.

Why Take the Trouble of Formulating a Unique Business Plan?

You might be wondering why we are emphasizing the need to come up with a disruptive business plan in today’s world. You have already seen how some food delivery brands have grown so big and they have cracked it, so you might presume you could start your own food delivery system, explore food ventures and bread routes for sale, and reach that level too, eventually. But there are some massive reasons why simply emulating already successful business will not get you anywhere:

1. Saturated Market: The world of today sees a massive number of start-ups rise and fall each year. Only a few of them actually make it to a stage where they earn their profits and even fewer can become unicorns with $1 billion in revenues. Thus, the market for most industries such as food delivery, fashion, etc. is already so saturated that you must come up with a unique business idea that is different from these areas.

2. Too Much Competition: It is no news that there is a massive competition in the current business landscape. Once you construct your newbie brand, you will have to compete with enormous moguls who spend crores on marketing. Thus, it is wiser to make a start-up that explores a field with less competition.

3. Deficient Labor Force: If you go for a start-up with more competition, you will not be able to find an expert workforce as they will already be working for bigger brands. Hence, go for the sectors that have enough labor force but not too many companies to tap these human resources.

How to Formulate a Unique Business Plan?

You can formulate a unique business plan by following these tips:

1. Study the Market: Before getting involved in today’s market with your business venture, you need to study it. See the trends, look for the demands of the people that are going unaddressed. Then, you can simply start a venture that addresses these pain points by taking the help of a brand marketing agency.

2. Check What Your Competitors Are Up To: Knowing about your competitors gives you an idea of the business ideas that are coming up these days. Then, you can try to formulate a plan that is unique to all the things your competitors are doing.

3. Learn About the Business World: Before embracing your journey into the business world, you must know all about it. Research as much as you can and note down all the details that you need to learn. Then, you can formulate a truly great business plan.


A unique and interesting business plan can totally change your future going ahead. Do not follow the crowd and come up with conventional ideas and go for the ones that are unexplored still. Learn what the public needs. Make sure you have the potential to tap into a completely new industry. And then, you will be able to build a disruptive brand that everyone can find new opportunities in.

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