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Track Activity on Your Company Network

We live in an age where the business is done almost completely online. Transactions, record keeping, communications – all done via computer. For the ease of operations and the organization of a company, networks of employee computers are developed. This enables companies to have all of their information done on one server and for information to be secured.

This leaves room for internal attacks on servers and networks, however. With the possibility of an internal attack on a company’s records comes the need for an activity monitoring software. This is a program that will focus on the monitoring of employee computers and will allow companies to better safeguard their information. Plenty of different programs are available online for your use to help monitor user activity on the network of employee computers.

Employee monitoring and control tools

Different situations require different solutions. What works for a larger corporation with massive networks of computers might not be necessary for a smaller business. Some of the most advanced user activity monitoring programs offer useful features that will keep your business and your network safe from internal attacks.

Video sessions – Any video calls that are done on company time by an employee can be monitored by the hub. This means that if an employee is disclosing insider information while on a video call with a client, they will be monitored, and evidence of the breach can be found. Any personal calls done on company time will also be noted.

Monitor webpage activity – Many programs offer the ability to record and store the data on key clicks done by an employee. This allows the computer to process what pages they frequent as well as what information they expel via email.

Custom solutions – The amount of leniency versus security you wish to employ can be altered company to company. If your company has a stricter privacy policy that grants the employees more freedom on their devices, then holding back on some of the monitoring features can be done.

Benefits of tracking your employee computers

It’s becoming more and more common to find security breaches within companies that occur from insider attacks. Someone who has access to the network and the data that decides to leak information or compromise servers. Plenty can be done from an external security point of view, but once the information is accessed on the inside, security can do little about it.

By allowing user activity monitoring to occur, you are taking a step against information leaks and security breaches. User activity monitoring tools allow companies to guard their data and keep employees on track. By seeing what websites they access on a daily basis, you can better prepare yourself in the event of an internal attack. Making sure your employees are on task doesn’t hurt either.

Get more with your tools

Finding the right program for your company can be easy – know what you’re looking for before you begin your search and find out what features will help keep your company safe. Programs like Ekran specialize in the user activity monitoring of employee computers and will provide you instant alerts so you can keep your client’s information safe and secure.

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